Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red Laundry Day

Nothing like the color red to liven up a wash day! Once again I am joining Sue over at It's a Very Cherry World for another Rednesday. I do so love Rednesday because ... well you all know why by now. Here is a vintage laundry bag that is hanging up on the wall of my back porch which is also the laundry room and the back pantry. I love the back porch because it is full of windows and is sunny and bright with a western exposure.

Here is one of my vintage red and white enamel basins. I love these and find so many uses for them. I can rinse fresh veggies from the garden, or soak fine washables or use them for tidying up around the house. I hang them on the back porch wall too so that they are easy to reach.

It was a lovely evening and I decided to hang up this quilt on the line to give it a good airing. I am very careful not to launder this quilt too often because it was hand quilted by my Mother-in-Law and is a cherished possession of ours. Thank you for visiting us on another Rednesday. Be sure to visit Sue and all of the other participants!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh my god, that quilt is gorgeous, one day I will have one.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Just wonderful! I love all the hints of red you have for your laundry and the quilt is utterly gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for having us over, Mica The Child's Paper

  3. Oh, what pretty things! My mom and I rescued and moved a bungalow which came with several pieces of white/red rimmed enamelware. It is so crisp and lovely.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday!

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. That's a very pretty quilt, lovely family heirloom!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love the pics that you have displayed here. Now you have inspired me also to fill my enamel bowl...

  6. Hanging cute things in the laundry room makes doing the laundry just a little bit more tolerable, doesnt' it?!
    I love red and white enamel anything! It reminds me of my Grandma's pots, so of course I have a set now too. And that quilt is just gorgeous, and what a beautiful family heirloom it is! That picture is postcard-worthy!
    Happy REDnesday to you and Bentley!

  7. The quilt is beautiful and I especially love that vintage laundry bag!


  8. I love a cute, clean laundry room and I love that little bag and enamelware bowl! And your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! I'll bet it is enjoying this fresh spring air! :-)


  9. love all of your beautiful vintage eye candy! hope to see your "back porch" in a future post! - vicki xo

  10. Love that beautiful quilt...Hope your having a GREAT day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Such bright and cheery red's. I love them. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful quilt Susan. Your red/white enamel basin reminds me of my grandma's back porch.
    I didn't have any reds to share this week but had to come by and see all the great stuff everybody had to share. Happy REDnesday~

  13. Oh my word, and the quilt, so beautiful, is in red and white/muslin! You know how much I love red. That laundry bag is too cute. I don't have a window in my laundry area or kitchen. I make up for it with bright yellow paint!

  14. What a cute laundry bag! Gee, it doesn't look big enough to put your garden hose in it, lol! I have many enamel pots and bowls, too - love 'em!

  15. I LOVE that quilt!! So gorgeous!!!

  16. Very beautiful quilt!

  17. Great posts. I just love all your treasures in your pictures...I want a cute laundry bag and have been looking forever, yours is adorable. I also like how you use your enamel bowl with the towels in them, good idea. AND I am head over heels in lust for that quilt. It is amazing and so pretty blowing in the wind on your clothes line. Thanks so much for sharing such great pictures. I hope you have a wonderful day. : )


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