Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Fluffing on the Front Porch

Here is a vintage wicker stand that I keep on the front porch. I usually have a pot of flowers on top and store a basket of sidewalk chalk on the bottom shelf for kids in the neighborhood to get creative on a warm day. This stand was painted red at one time by a previous owner, then dark green by me. Now I am a bit tired of the green and since it needs a new coat of paint anyway, I plan to spray paint it off white.

That looks a bit fresher. Unfortunately, the weather here is miserable. Yesterday afternoon was very windy and the wind brought with it more dark clouds and another Pacific storm. This morning it is another round of rain and snow. It's cold out there. As much as I would like to fluff up the porch, these minimal changes are all I will make until it warms up a bit. So there are some violas in the wicker basket on the newly painted stand. And a few in the wire basket on the porch wall.

Until the mercury on this thermometer rises, there won't be any more fluffing on this front porch. So ...

You should go over to see Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and see what spring fluffing she and the other Metamorphosis Monday participants have done!

Hopefully, the next time we meet on my front porch the weather will be warm and sunny and we can sit and rock and enjoy some sweet tea. Until then ...

Susan and Bentley


  1. Love the re-painted wicker stand!!! The flowers are very pretty soon!!! Hope the weather warms up for you soon!!!

  2. I love the wicker stand. Hope you get good weather soon -have a great week. Jennifer

  3. Amazing what paint can do. It's really warm here. Probably going to be in the eighties today. Guess I'll get back out in the garden.

  4. Nice little transformation. Your violas look so sweet! I just love them.

  5. I too am waiting for warmer weather to do a little outdoor fluffing as you say. I don't have a cute porch like you, but we have lots of flowers started in anticipation of summer. Wishing you some sunshine!

  6. I love white wicker! The light color makes it stand out against the darker siding.

  7. Ahhhh.........I love that little stand. How lovely to leave chalk for the neighbor kids. I LOVE little one's artwork. It's so sweet. My little grandson does lots of dinosaurs and other animals......It would be fun if he would do some posies for me.........Yeah, that'll never happen.


  8. Susan, and Bentley, thanks for stopping by Blu oom and leaving that lovely comment. Your wicker stand does look great with the new coat of white paint. How cool to have chalk for the neighbor kids, my Mom used to do wonderful things like that also.

    I think that we have some of your cool weather also. We had a warm spell, but it seems to have flown the coop.

    See you later.


  9. Susan,
    Thanks for you post of my Chemex. It is really cool. Glad to hear I am not the only one that has one :) Does you Cuisinart also grind the coffee? I have been looking for a good alternative coffeemaker, that make good coffee. You might email me a pic of it, when you have time. Thanks

  10. I love how that little wicker stand looks painted off does make it look fresh and ready to hold a lovely plant!! I also love how everything looks...I need to do fluffing on mine...what a great idea!!!! Blessings!


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