Monday, August 9, 2010

LeCruset and Descoware on My Table Top

I'm joining Marty's Table Top Tuesday and on my table top is part of my collection of Le Cruset and Descoware. It's also on my stove top, on my granite counter top and on my butcher block too! It cooks like a dream and looks lovely on the table. I love, love, love it!!

I think that Descoware came first. It was a favorite of Julia Child and as you know by now, Julia Child will always be a favorite of mine! I have been collecting pieces of both Le Cruset and Descoware since before I was married. I taught myself how to cook using The Joy of Cooking and Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volumes I & II. I have a Le Cruset cookbook and I have made all of the recipes in it too.

My Le Cruset dutch ovens have been used often and are well loved. My first attempt at Boeuf Bourguignon was made in that big dutch oven.

Descoware has some very cute oval casseroles. I don't think that Descoware has been made for a very long time, but I don't care, I still love it!!

This little one is my favorite. It's sitting on top of my treasured Julia cookbooks. Cheers dear Julia! Bon Appetit!!

All of this talk about food is making me hungry! How about you Bentley???

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan!

    I'm a big fan of Le Cruset. I have a white one and use it for so many things especially making my pasta sauces.
    I loved the movie Julie and Julia and have become a fan of Julia Childs since. How wonderful you mastered all that french cooking! I have always wanted to make Bouef
    Bouruignon. I'll have to give it a try.

    Hugs to Bentley
    Pamela xo

  2. I have never heard of Descoware before, but if Julia used it.... My daughter is a big Julie Childs fan!!

  3. OH and I just noticed in the pics on your sidebar... you have some blue Calicoware. I just posted about a B&B I stayed at, and they used those dishes.

  4. I love Le Creuset, nothing better than cooking in cast iron-enjoy!

  5. Love cooking. Mebbe I should find some for myself....

  6. Great collection, Susan. I know you are just the best cook!
    Lots of hugs to you and sweet Bentley

  7. It looks so pretty in your kitchen Susan!

    Thank you for the kind visit and birthday wishes. You just made my day. Give sweet little Bentley a hug from me. Come by anytime!

    Have a wonderful week.
    ~Melissa :)

  8. To think you can cook all of those recipes...I am in awe of you. I have a full set of vintage orange Descoware given to my Mom by a very elderly friend then to me and I love it. olive♥

  9. If they don't make it anymore, all the more reason to love it!

  10. Oh my goodness, I love your cookware and your cookbooks, but I am most impressed that you learned to cook from Julia Child's cookbooks. Now I really want to eat at your house, I know whatever it is will be unreal delicious. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  11. Lucky you to have such wonderful cookware! I've got to have a look at the one Julia Child cookbook I have (haven't looked at it in years).


  12. I am a sucker for Le Creuset and ANYTHING that dear Julia loved and used.

    Imagine being such a huge influence on so many people.


    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  13. Hey there! I think my mom has a peice of that stuff - I'll check next time I'm home. Very cool!

    Cool day tomorrow :) The Lady of the House


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