Thursday, August 26, 2010

Way Way Back to School Lunch

Those old school lunch boxes sure were cute!! It's my first week of school item for Vintage Thingie Thursday. I hope that Suzanne is having a fun and relaxing break!

Hey Bentley ... let's go shopping for some more vintage thingies today!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Great Vintage piece. I do love all the all old lunchboxes. I loved taking lunch to school, but I went to Elementary School practically every mom was a stay-at-home mom. So I only took lunch a few times--usually went home for lunch.
    Happy VTT

  2. Oh I miss my old lunch box ~ snoopy ;0)
    Happy shopping you two!

  3. I had a lunch box just like this! There was a matching thermos inside. I'm sure I must have had others, but this is the one I remember!

  4. what a wonderful old lunchbox. i have fond memories of taking my lunch to school...except for the times when i would hear the jiggle of broken glass inside my thermos!

  5. Love the wonderful old lunch box!! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you in the future for Vintage Love Saturday!

  6. I think I had this lunchbox with the matching thermos! Plaid always reminds me of back to school.

  7. I remember having that type of lunchbox with the matching thermos. I can't remember what it looked like though.

    Have a Great Day!

  8. I'm icing th' hamstring all day today in hopes it'll feel better soon, sweets. Sigh....

  9. Hi Susan,

    I just love these old plaid lunch boxes. I used to have a big bag with a matching thermos in a red/black plaid and wound up selling it...wish I hadn't. They are so cute to decorate with. I've seen some on Ebay and Etsy and they are kinda pricey now!


  10. Susan,
    I loved getting all my new things for school. Mom and I would make a special trip to Terre Haute, IN for my school clothes. We had to PAY to park in a parking lot, lol I never saw the like??? We would have lunch in the "lunchenette" at Kreske's. Very exciting, as well. Coming from a small town of 1500, this was a big deal.
    I love your Vintage Thingies! Does Bentley get a new bone for school?

  11. I never had one, but I DO remember those old plaid metal lunch boxes!

  12. There are so many interesting old school boxes. I never had one. We had to use a syrup bucket. I really like your school supplies today.

  13. Hi Susan,
    A charming vignette :-) I had the bugaloos (sp?), loved the girlin the pink toto :-)
    I love the snow too, nothing is cozier than a quiet snowy night :-)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Hi Susan!

    I remember these lunch boxes. I always wanted one but I went home for lunch so there was no reason for one.
    Love all the memories you are always bringing back...and the music to go with it!
    Pamela xo

  15. Great vignette, love that lunchbox, brings back a lot of memories!

  16. This brings back a memory or two! Love it!

  17. Love red plaid too. I have a whole collection of Scotch red plaid tin and fabric picnic pieces.
    Didn't realize til much later my grandparents had the blanket and lunch box tho.. to go with it. I've got them now to complete my set. There is a large metal over the carseat pictic tote I don't have yet, but it is way too pricey.


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