Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking For Adventure

I love to travel.  Before I was married to David, I traveled the globe.  I lived abroad for
three years and I was lucky enough to visit many exotic places.

It's harder to get away these days.  My husband and I own a business.  There are family
obligations and responsibilities, so taking off for exotic foreign lands is just
not on my schedule any more.  But it does not mean that I don't have the
urge to get away.  It just means that the trips are closer to home.

So out come the maps and the dreams of taking off for a bit of fun.  I love these old
cameras.  Even though today's digital ones take great pics, the old cameras have so
much character ~ don't you agree?

So come join me for some demitasse and we can chat about trips we would love to

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Bentley goes along whenever we travel.  He even has his own travel
bag ~ don't you Bentley?

Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh I hear what your saying! My husband owns his own business and with the economy the way it is he can no longer leave it for a future trips to paris like we us to take. Well at least we have our memories!

  2. Bentley, road dog.

    We love to travel, too!

    LOVE that camera and the dishes, tableware. Really lovely.

  3. I like the character of the old cameras too, and like you, I traveled a lot, to many countries, when young.

  4. I am right there with you. Often I pull out the memory books with a cup of coffee. Just because we have our obligations doesn't mean we can't dream of the next trip.
    Interesting cameras.

    The French Hutch

  5. Your latest vignette is just dreamy. I adore your cameras. Cheers!

  6. I was a traveller too! I was considering living in Europe when I met my husband! We've done some traveling together - which is a blast! I love the spoons you've showed, my mom had a spoon collection of places she'd travelled to. Blue Willow is always a favorite of mine.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  7. Love your pictures Susan, with the spoons and the maps and all the lovely layers!

  8. I love the old cameras. Especially the one named the Traveler :-) Great pictures!

    Jocelyn @

  9. Beautiful post. I just got home from a trip, but it makes me want to disappear again.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. I live so far away from those lovely places,so a bit too much to get there. Still only have to go blogging and I can be anywhere in the world. Love those blue and white teacups.xx

  11. What a wonderful post...beautiful!

  12. Bentley and Bonnie Blue do not want you traveling abroad during this regime because it is too dangerous for Americans. Maybe during a Republican administration, my friend! ;P

    Bonnie and I will be right over for some strong coffee and plan some trips to be taken in a couple of years!!!


  13. Soo beautiful! I dream of the day we can do some real traveling. Thanx for coming to the party!

  14. lovely travel inspired vignettes! so full of culture- lucky you that you got to travel...

    Karen & Krumpet

  15. All of us with businesses have hunkered down and "cut our cloth", haven't we? We have postponed our annual UK buying trip. can still have the precious memories from a life of travel. I certainly cherish ours...hopefully the economy will improve and we will all be back to traveling frequently again....

  16. Wonderful travel inspired pictures today, I loved them! How sweet that Bentley has his own travel bag too! And this music is so very relaxing to listen too as I type....Have a happy day. Helen x

  17. I feel the same way sometimes. Normally I'll just pile the kids in the car and take a day road trip. They love it as much as I do.

    You have quite the collection of vintage camera's. I'm working on a collection of my own. They add such character to the home.

  18. While I'm digital for my photography hobby and traveling, I love old cameras! My great-grandfather was a photography hobbyist, so we have some very old camera equipment and photos somewhere between my brother and me.

  19. The old cameras had romance.
    I love this post -- we have little time for travel now, also ... but I'd be very happy to sit down over coffee and talk over past ramblings abroad and at home!
    It's a date.

  20. Like most things of the past, vintage or antique, these cameras have such personality and charm. Ours today DO take amazing photos...but they aren't "pretty"...nor have character. Will they, someday?? most likely....:))

  21. Sweet post with vintage blue and white transferware. Always reminds me of my mom drinking coffee after dinner. Thanks for posting. ~CJ

  22. Beautiful...Blue Willow is my favorite china pattern!


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