Saturday, October 15, 2011

Boo For the Porch

I'll let you in on a little secret ~ I'm not good at reproducing a scary Halloween
scene.  One of my very closest friends from childhood, who now lives in an
Atlanta suburb, goes all out for Halloween.  Dry ice, grave yard in the front yard,
skeletons and ghosts hanging from trees.  Spooky sounds as you walk up
the path leading to her house.  She plans for weeks, and the kids love it!

I am more of the toddler set.  Happy smiling pumpkins, sunny mums ~ you get 
the picture.  I have tried ~ but I just can't do it.  I still get freaked out when I watch 
the movie "Psycho".  I know what's coming during the shower scene ~ but it still
scares me.  I can't begin to tell you how long it took me to be able to shower when
no one else was home!!!

What was the name of that movie where Jack Nicholson breaks in the door and shouts
"I'm back!"

Scares me to pieces!  So if you are looking to find a really scary scene on my
front porch, you are bound to be disappointed. 

I will be happily handing out candy on Halloween to the little ones who
still like the smiling pumpkins like me.  Kids are so sophisticated these days
that they will need to be really little super heros, or sweet peas wearing tutus 
to enjoy my Halloween decorating.  Although ... I went hog wild and 
put out a black crow this year, so maybe there is hope for me yet.
At least I have not erected a jungle gym full of birds ....
oops too scary to even think about!!!

I'm hoping the Tablescaper has something cheerful for 

Bentley ~ when are you planning to display your Halloween pumpkin?  Let
me know so we can stage it and take pics!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I'm with you, pumpkins and scarecrows are my kind of Halloween. Scary, I just can't do it! My only fear of showering when no one is home is that I'll fall, injure myself, and not be able to get to the phone (most accidents happen in the bathroom, isn't that what somebody said?!?1) :) Can't wait to see what Bentley comes up with.

  2. I'm of the cute crowd, too. Yours looks adorable. I love your music! Patty

  3. It is very sweet. Love the black crow. My hubby and kids go all out for the creepy and fun out front but indoors is mine and I insist on cute.

  4. I love cute Halloween, too, I am a big scaredy cat! xo

  5. Cute, yes. Scary, NO WAY. I like your smiling pumpkins...and crows don't HAVE to be scary. My kids would LOVE to come by your house, I have no doubt. :)
    That song might even be too much for ME, this time of the evening.

  6. I like "cute scary" myself! I'm not a fan of being "terrified" on Halloween, I'm such a chicken! I love your decorations, they are just what I would select!

  7. You and Bentley do a great job!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. I would come to your cute porch for trick or treat, any day! Bentley, it is your job to bark at the scary trick or treators!

  9. Darling front porch decor. If I had complete control over the Halloween "chaos" at my house, it would be all cute.

    Halloween hugs!

  10. I think yours is just right Susan!
    Charming and pretty too!

  11. I love the fall and not the scary look for sure.

  12. I like your Hallowe'en style much better than the really scary things I see on my walks.
    The movie was The Shining, I believe. I watched it years ago while staying at the then-decaying Chateau Lake Louise. It was the most terrifying night! The Chateau is now refurbished and I'm sure it is so modernized that no one would spend a terror-filled night there!

  13. I'm with you Susan ~ I just love cute scarecrows and smiling pumpkins. No scary stuff for me ~ Your porch looks wonderful jut the way it is ;-)

  14. I love a tame, cutesy Halloween too!
    Although I did love the ghouls and assorted scary stuff when I was young!

  15. so awesome!! loved everytbing about your blog!!
    i am a newbie. still learning for great people like you.

  16. I'm with you Susan! I hate to be scared, let's keep the "Happy" in Halloween:@)

  17. I always think that the scary stuff might frighten the really little kids. I prefer pumpkins and more benign decor. And I hate those chain-saw and "Freddy" movies.

  18. I like cute better than scary, And yours can stay till Tgiving, no need to change. It looks lovely!
    Here from Seasonal Sunday.

  19. I'm with you on the scary stuff. We used to go all out for Halloween with decorations and lights, but the last few years we have opted to take part in church activities instead. Your porch is lovely and I am sure everyone will love it! I am a new follower. Pls follow back. Growing Old With Grace Hugs, GraceinAZ


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