Monday, June 25, 2012

Engager La Conversation ~ Or Let's Chat

Let's chat ~ I'll go first.  My hubby is down in Houston picking
up some furniture he inherited from his mom.  I'm here at the cottage
in Idaho feeling a bit sorry for myself.  But I am keeping busy so I won't
be too lonely and of course I have all of you to chat with!

I am painting my kitchen cabinets and listening to French music.  
Somehow I always feel more inspired when I do.  Just another one
of my funny little quirks.  

I have decided to prepare Supremes de Volaille a Brun for dinner.
Translation:  Chicken Breasts sauteed in Butter.  It's Julia Child's recipe.
I do enjoy cooking even when it's only for one.   I think I will set up a
separate page on this blog to share my favorite recipes with you.

Anyway ~ let's get back to those kitchen cabinets.

Well ...

I decided to make my own chalk paint.  I mixed Plaster of Paris
(there goes that French reference again lol) into my paint.  It 
seems to be working fine but I am afraid the bottom of the plastic
pail I mixed it in is starting to set up.  I thought I did everything
right.  Maybe I just have a bad recipe.  The container gets heavier
every time I pick it up so something isn't quite right.  I am glad
I only mixed a small batch up.  I have plenty of Plaster of Paris left
over so if any of you need a home made cast or some walls patched
just leave me a message.

I could keep chatting all evening and it's time to let you 
chime in, so tell me ~ what have you been up to?


And Bentley how are you doing today?  Do you have anything
to add to la conversation???

Susan and Bentley


  1. Goodness Susan, hope hubby doesn't mind hot's 102 in Houston today..HOT

  2. Hi Susan: We just finished painting kitchen cupboards, using oil base enamel! What an ickky job, I hate to paint anyway. We did a set of chairs and table with chalk paint, (using plaster of paris) and it was so easy in comparison. If we ever paint them again it will be with chalk paint. It does get very thick and and can be diluted with water. Are you happy with the way they are turning out? Hope you are going to blog about them when you finish..Please..Happy Monday to Bentley too..Judy

  3. add a little water and stir vigorously Susan. That'll loosen it back up and make it go on smoothly. I also never mix more than a quart at a time, still I have to work fairly quick.

    I often eat alone and also cook nice meals for myself. I had broiled salmon and steamed asparagus.

    enjoy your dinner and good luck with the cabinets.

  4. Susan ~ you are so cute. I love the fact that you do the same thing as I do when I am alone. Have fun and add water, water, water, Can't wait to see your project. Hope all is well ;-)

  5. Can't wait to see your cupboards. the cheese and pears sound very good to me.
    enjoy your time alone and pamper yourself.

  6. sounds like you're having a yummy time all by yourself, anyway. i spent the afternoon in the 100 degree heat helping hubby tuck up the back end of the little mini camper to move it to the workshop...i'd rather be cooking something yummy!
    hope you enjoy your time AND the results of your labors! can't wait to see the cabinets!

  7. Oh Susan, we are buzzy painting too! We are transforming my daughter's playhouse into a clubhouse! From pinks and frills to aqua, lime green, and red! We are LOVING it. Baby Bee is going into 6th grade this next school year and I just want to have a place that's special for both of us. We are both super excited about it!

  8. This is Melissa @ Love your blog! Good luck painting those kitchen cabinets. My dad has painted mine twice! The last time he painted them he said to make sure that I picked a color that I really liked because it would be his last time to paint them! It is no small task! I am your newest follower!

  9. Painting your cabinets - oh my, what a big job! I've been wanting to try chalk paint, and am enjoying seeing everyone else's projects. It looks as though you're enjoying the painting :-)

  10. I will love to see your new painted cabinets!!! Hugs

  11. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy while your playmate is in TX! I'm looking forward to seeing your kitchen cupboards! I'll bet they'll look stunning!

    Oh, the vin, fromage and poires look delicious too!

  12. Susan,
    I wish I was there to keep you and Bentley company. I would also like to have a glass of wine and some of that wonderful cheese! We took a brown bag lunch to one of the tennis girl's home. She is under the weather, so we went to her to have lunch and some laughs :) Two crowns for me tomorrow at the dentist, ugh! Thursday, Mom has cateract surgery. Busy week!

  13. Sounds like you and Bentley keep pretty busy. The wine and cheese sound great-although I'd have to add a little chocolate. My son is in Paris right now. You've got me in the French mood. Can't wait to see your cabinets!

  14. You are pretty busy even though hubby is away. Your food sounds yum and can't wait to see your finished project.

  15. Us girls can get alot done while hubby is away! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen when done.


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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