Saturday, June 16, 2012

For All the Dads

The Treasure Valley Model A Club held a meeting today.
We were driving by and just had to stop and take a look.  It's Father's
Day weekend and yesterday I showed you pillows, but today it's antique cars
because cars are a guy thing.

I wish my Daddy was still here.  He would have enjoyed this collection of 
Model A's.

This one would have been just his style.  My Daddy was a tuxedo wearing,
martini drinking, golfing kind of guy.

Yes ~ this would have delighted him.  So elegant and stylish.

While I love the elegant and stylish too ~ I am also drawn to pick up trucks.
Maybe it has something to do with being married to a red blooded Texan!

This one is beautifully restored.  I could just imagine driving around and loading
up the bed with vintage furniture and more.

But then again, I loved this one too.  A funky junk kind of pickup.

Here's another restored beauty.

But take a look at this one ...

It's from the Boise-Payette Lumber Company.  The phone
number only had three digits.  Idaho is a pretty wild place, even today.
Can't imagine what it must have been like driving mountain roads
in this old truck.

Look at that rusty old saw on the back.  Love it!!

Must have been a bumpy ride up and down those mountains hauling lumber
back to build houses. I wonder if the lumber for my house was hauled
down by a truck like this.  Actually, it may have been hauled down by mule!

I am missing you Daddy!  Wish you could have come to the car show 
with me.

To all the Dads out there ~


For those of you who still have a Daddy ~ give him lots of 
hugs and kisses.

Now Bentley ~ promise me that you will let your Daddy sleep in
tomorrow morning!

Susan and Bentley


  1. This is so beautiful and fun!!! You get an A-plus for the post! My Daddy is in Florida so I have to Hug him LONG DISTANCE!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute.
    LOVE THAT FIRST ONE! We are IRISH and POTATO is Dad's favorite food...Mom said she's going to bury him with a MASHER...
    Have a fun weekend,
    Big Giant Squishy Hugs to you,

  2. Love the song, so funny! Love the cars, too - I think they were driving those when I was born. What's that? Okay maybe not but it wasn't long after these that I was born. My daddy would have loved these too. Hugs ~ Mary

  3. Fun pics! I love the pick-ups too! That first one is beautiful:@)

  4. I live with a couple of car guys, so I know about vintage car shows. My favorites are always the ones that have their original interiors because they were so treasured by their owners.
    I'm sorry you are missing your dad. I'll give my dad (he's 90!) an extra hug tomorrow.

  5. My husband is a car guy too. Great photos and inspirational for Father's Day. Wonderful as always to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. I love old pick-ups. My granddaddy had one and I used the fenders as a slide! ;P

    Cute tribute to fathers everywhere. I know that Mr. Art @ Home would have loved the show!


  7. My dad drove a Model T when I was a child in the fifties... until 1960! He would have loved these cars!

  8. Susan~ What a FUN car collection! I love old trucks the best~ that gear shift knob looks like an old glass doorknob :) Happy Father's Day :)

  9. Susan, this is a terrific collection of vintage cars. Amazing to think how things change through the years. I've recently an old, very old, flat bed truck in our neighborhood. It's rusty green and full of charm. I need to pack my camera next time I'm out walking.
    Didn't know you are married to a Texan. Where in Texas?
    Have a terrific Sunday! ~ Sarah

  10. What cool trucks and cars! Happy Father's Day to your hubby! Hugs, Linda

  11. Love this post ~ fabulous trucks. We are looking for a vintage truck to fix up. I was a grocery getter. It will be turquoise and cream. I hope we find one ;-)

  12. Fun post!I am showing this to my hubby!
    Happy Father's Day to the men in your life!

  13. Oh I would have loved seeing this in person. What really caught my eye was the crystal gear shift knob on that old truck! How fun. Thanks for sharing. Dianne

  14. Terrific! Many people here (Maine) are into old cars and it is not at all uncommon to see one that has been lovingly restored slowly moving down the street.


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