Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meatless Monday at Ash Tree Cottage

Wow ~ the prices on meat have just sky rocketed!  I could live on fish,veggies and
berries very happily, but David is a beef eating Texan.  David always says that if he
eats a Burger King Whopper that he is getting all four food groups ~
meat, dairy (cheese), veggie (lettuce and tomato) and grains (the bun).  I roll my
eyes and serve him veggies anyway.  And ... I also try to go meatless now
and again. I have nothing against meat, but I am an all things in moderation
kind of girl.  Well, at least I try to be.

So we have meatless meals.  On the Menu Monday is a baked California Omelet, from
a very torn and tattered Betty Crocker's Cooking For Two cookbook.  I of course
have tweaked it a bit, because y'all know I just have to tweak.  

"Do you want toast with dinner David?"  Of course he does.

We will be eating in front of the TV again because there is some sort of
sports show on.  I am pretty sure it's Monday Night Football, or golf.  That's what I
get for marrying a jock.

"Do you want a glass of wine with dinner David?"  Of course he does not.

But I will have one!

Here is the recipe.  I told you that it is an oldie.  Please ignore the 
stains, etc.  I substitute chopped roasted red pepper for the tomato because
David is not too crazy about tomato.  I also substitute grated Asiago for the 
shredded Cheddar because I just love Asiago cheese.  Tonight I served this
with pureed jewel yams and steamed spinach with a touch of balsamic vinegar.
I also served some melon balls on the side because if I don't serve fruit
from time to time, David will never eat any on his own.  Remember the
story I told you about the Whopper.  

Off to visit Yvonne for

Unlike his daddy, Bentley happily eats all of his vegetables.
Don't you my little sweet pea?

Susan and Bentley


  1. My husband thinks if there is not meat involved than it must just be a snack. I could take it or leave it though. I'd rather have an avocado than a piece of meat anyday. I have to agree with your husband though--when I was pregnant the nutritionist encouraged me to eat Whoopers :) Your dinner looks delicious--and I would have a glass of wine with you! :)

  2. I too could live very nicely without meat...
    Joe is another story though...


  3. We do try so hard to keep our hubbies healthy don't we? Your meal looks just that and so yummy.

    We love our vegs too and have at least 4 meatless meals a week.

    My hubby,says I pile his plate up too much,"don't give me so much "he says. We eat off entree' plates and he still says it. Then he goes and gets more, "\because it's so nice" he says. hmmm, I think that's a compliment. Not sure.Maybe I shouldn't make so much,but I can never seem to cook for two. :)

  4. I couldn't go meat free but I could do it a lot less. I agree that everything is going up so high
    where will it end. to drive, heat our homes, and to eat. Your dinner looks wonderful.

  5. Susan,
    Dan and I have only been eating fish for 2 years. I always knew I would eventually get there, especially when I start looking at those beautiful cows in the meadows. You know me and the fur babies :) Bacon was the hardest for me to give up, as I love the salty stuff, but again some people have piggies for pets, oh my... Probably good I don't live on a farm, they would all be wondering through the house in the winter, as I would think it too cold for them in the barn! lol
    Tell David and Bentley I am proud of them for eating their veggies :)

  6. Three cheers for Meatless Monday! YeeHaw! Hugs to you and Bentley!

  7. I found out, quite by accident, that I have a myriad of food allergies. I went on a grain free diet (grains free and a whole lot more items gone too numerous to list!) which advocates consumption of fats and meat and my health has improved greatly. things that were happening to my body that were being labeled as, 'just part of growing older' are now gone. I eat fat and meat at every meal and I have never felt better. Bon appetite!

  8. P.s LOVE the white rose arrangement.

  9. Omelets are great anytime of day. My Betty Crocker cookbook has alot of stains!

  10. I love meatless meals! Eggs and beans are great sources of protein. I have a very stained Betty Crocker cookbook also! I may try this baked omelet, looks yummy! hugs, Linda

  11. A stained cookbook is a loved cookbook. I don't eat beef at all and very little other meat, so this looks delicious to me :)

  12. A meal without meat here? I don't think that will work with my hubby also. Hubby does make great egg dishes. Your dishes, are they all blue willow? My grandmother had those. I bought my first one at Good Will the other day. I eat off it now. Memories.


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