Monday, September 3, 2012

One Tiny Tweak

I have been collecting things for my dollhouse.  A while back ago I found this sink.

I always knew I wanted to put a skirt on it, so this is my
mock up skirt.  I wanted to see if I would like this red and white
vine print, or if I should find a pink patterned fabric.  What do you 
think?  Do you like the red and white or should I go into pastels?

My mock up is far from perfect and I have learned from my
mistakes.  I made a little wash cloth and used my smallest crochet
hook, but I need to use a thinner yarn, or maybe tatting thread.
I don't know.  Any suggestions?

But it was still fun to do.  I must say though, I have great 
respect for anyone who works in miniature because it takes
quite a bit of patience.  Minis are tough to photograph too.

Let's see what Brenda and the gang have to show us for

Bentley ~ did you notice the miniature Yorkie by the sink.
He had to be there because in our life size kitchen you are always
with me.

Susan and Bentley


  1. I am loving the red and white Susan! I haven't played with my doll house in a while now. I miss it. Time to get back at it! I would use tatting thread and a very tiny hook. It will be tedious and perhaps difficult on the eyes, but I bet it would turn out lovely. xxoo

  2. I have the same sink in my dollhouse, and I added a very similar skirt to it. I went with red, cuz that's what my color was. I also added a little towel ring on the side to hang a little towel. I love that cute cupboard. Oh, my little yorkie stays downstairs in the bakery!

  3. I am so extremely impressed with anyone who can make things for doll houses. I love your sweet little skirt and the miniature Bentley is just too cute.


  4. Love your sink with your darling added skirt and such fun to see a wee woofie version of Bentley! :)

    My mom and I shared a love of miniatures, thanks so much for the sweet memories today.


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