Friday, November 30, 2012

Cheer Up The Porch For The Holidays

Well, here I am still decorating the porch.  It's balmy and it's 
raining and it really does not feel like tomorrow will be the 1st of 

I added the "e" to chocolate because I did not want y'all to
think I am a bad speller (refer to previous post for an explanation).

See this little bird in the knit cap?  He is one of my favorites!

As I am decorating and trying to take some pics to show you
what I have done so far, Bentley is running around in circles in the 
wet ground cover at the base of the birdbath.  My birdbath is full of
two pumpkins and one of our squirrels is busy eating all of the seeds
while Bentley is dancing around below and barking, barking, barking.

Bentley was just groomed last night by Tina our groomer.
To look at him at the moment, you would never know it.
I am trying not to let his antics distract me, but he is pretty funny.

For now, I will leave you with this little clay pot filled with
Christmas cheer.  I still need to put some tartan slipcovers on the
pillows on the chairs and I may tweak that basket, I am not sure.
Gotta run now ~ such a busy time of year.  More later!

Joining ~

Bentley ~ why do you give Tina such a hard time when she 
grooms you?  When she is done all you want to do is cuddle
up to her and give her a big kiss.  

Susan and Bentley


  1. That is so cozy. I have the same little birdie.

  2. What a sweet idea. It looks so warm and inviting.


  3. Your porch look so pretty. It's kinda hard to get too enthusiastic about Christmas decorating when it's so warm, isn't it? I keep thinking I need to do it now, but knowing me, I'll probably wait till it is cold and then complain.

    Bentley is so funny. Would he know what to do if he got hold of a squirrel? ha


  4. You and Bently make a perfect pair.

  5. Lovely porch! Tartan plaid is a favorite of mine. Was hoping to use plaid ribbon this year, but my husband and kiddos had other ideas! Oh well...there's always the back porch! LOL

  6. I can see you have been very busy. It sounds like Bentley is having a good time too! Thx for sharing



  7. How lovely! Looks like you have been having fun!

  8. Very cute, Susan! It sounds like Bentley is liking his new do!


  9. That looks great! I always have a habit of putting my plaids and thermoses away at end of Fall. I like what you did with them!

  10. How about coming up here and working your magic on my veranda? Your porch is lovely! Santa will know he's welcome at your place.

  11. Love your plaids and cute little touches.
    Ruthie from:

  12. LOVE it! I have a red plaid lunchbox and thermos (I actually used it for school many moons ago; it was a hand-me-down from a cousin!). I might just put it out this year. Thanks for the idea!!

  13. I love what you've done but I love the story of Mr. Bentley's antics even more! How funny! Hey - he got some good exercise!


  14. Forgot to thank you for joining in this week!


  15. Since we're going to be gone for Christmas- we're not putting up a tree- neat idea of using some of the decorations and putting them in baskets around the house!!

  16. Yep it looks great. Wish I had a porch to sit on and decorate at times. We are having another warm burst in Indiana. Almost 60. Good time to finish my outside decorating.

  17. I adore your cabinet on your porch. Everything looks darling, look forward to seeing more pics. & I love hearing about Bentley. We've adopted two senior doggies and one of them loves to chase the squirrel around the tree.

    Happy cozy weekend!

  18. Your porch is so welcoming Susan. I love the white chest all festive for Christmas. I love your little bird too. We have a small poodle Cheri' and she is a lot like Bentley. Lots of barking at anything that moves. We adore our pup too.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. sweet Christmas decorations. A great welcome for guests.

  20. I'm going to take another look at our porch. After seeing yours...ours could use a facelift. I love yours.

  21. How fun to have a porch tot decorate, and it's looking pretty cute. Bentley sounds like he was having some fun barking at squirrels and getting dirty.

  22. Your porch is darling:) I am hosting a giveaway on Dining With Debbie during the month of Merry, Marry Munchies. There are two giveaways, actually: (1) $50 gift certificate to my favorite jeweler, and (2) a signed copy of Kat Robinson's new book, Arkansas Pie: A Slice of the Natural State. I would love for you to enter and win one of these. Be sure to enter through rafflecopter.

  23. You would win first place for this perfectly gorgeous porch if I were to judge a contest.

  24. Everything is looking so good! I love that little bird in the hat also! hugs, Linda

  25. I can't wait to see your slipcovers!

    Happy Holidays,


  26. This is so adorable :-)
    Love the plaid accents and the basket is so cute!
    Bentley sounds like a cutie!

  27. Happy Pink Saturday, Susan and Bentley. I smiled thinking of the two of you decorating and playing. Susan, I know Bentley must bring so much joy to your days.


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