Friday, November 23, 2012

Planning The Christmas Porch

One of my favorite things to do at the start of each Christmas season
is to plan the decorations on our front porch.  This year is no 
exception.  I always wait until the day after Thanksgiving and since
Thanksgiving was early this year, I get a jump start on the fun.

This is an idea I saved from Pinterest.  Love the big JOY sign!

I have added wrapped empty boxes to the porch in the past, and
still like this idea.  This is my little wicker rocker from last year.
I love to use tartans to slipcover the porch chair pillows.  I think
that I will change the plaid for this year.

Last year I covered a vintage walking stick with some
Christmas embellishment.  Maybe I will save this idea for
inside the house in my umbrella stand.

Might do something like this in the clay pots.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

I need to go out to the garage this weekend and find my old skates!

Here's an idea for the potting bench.

Love mittens!  A favorite for wearing and for decorating at Christmas!
Well this is a start.  I have to work this afternoon, but I think I will be
dreaming of Christmas too.  And I am thankful for two of my favorite
friends, Beverly and Claudia and so I will be joining ~

Bentley was really tired last night.  He was exhausted from all of 
the squirrel chasing and turkey eating.  He's well rested now though
and has been playing hard and chasing squirrels all morning.  Sure do
love the little peanut!

Susan and Bentley


  1. All these are pretty, but I adore the ice skates :-)

  2. Susan ~ my thoughts exactly. I took the day off today and Mr. V. and I went greenery hunting. We trim greenery around the countryside and use it for my front porch. I have an old sleigh and a pair of skates on the front porch too~!
    I'll be posting about it later.

    Happy dreaming. Glad to hear Bentley had a wonderful thanksgiving chasing squirrels and eating turkey. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Love all of these ideas ~ can't wait to see what you do with your front porch ;-)

  3. I always love to see the great ideas for decorating. I feel inspired and will be getting busy...
    But really it is like playing with the pros:)
    Now I can start saying: Merry Christmas
    Blessings, Roxy

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Susan & Bentley! What wonderful ideas! I like the JOY sign and the clay pots filled with pine cones and Christmas ornaments. Have a lovely weekend.


  5. HPS and Happy Thanksgiving! I LOVE the JOY sign idea!! I have a couple of large weathered boards that I bought at a flea market. . .I just might have to make a sign similar to that one for my porch!!


  6. I've pinned a couple of those pictures myself! You have definitely inspired me to decorate my front porch.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  7. That JOY sign is totally cool. I have some old boards in the garage.......hmmmm......

  8. I do not have a porch big enough to decorate. In fact, you would not call it a porch. I do enjoy seeing how others decorate theirs. You are doing a nice job.

  9. Thanks for collecting those wonderful ideas for us! I just can't get to pinterest so really appreciate the lovely images and inspiration.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing all these great porch ideas. We have the tiniest of porches but I'm all inspired to copy the pots with pine boughs, cones and ornaments. :)

    Happy decorating to you and Bentley!

  11. Thanks for the great ideas! I think I'll try the clay pots with the greenery.


  12. All such lovely ideas. Happy holidays! Tammy

  13. Love the sign and sled! I just "found" my husband's childhood sled in our garage today, guess where that's going!!! I'm glad Bentley had a great day!

  14. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be festive and very inviting. You've found some great inspiration pictures.

  15. How festive! I've always wanted to decorate my outdoor porch, but it's super small and the wooden railing obstructs in from view amyway! I'll just enjoy yours!

  16. That Joy sign is pretty wonderful! I don't do enough to decorate my porch, mostly because the wind and snow really pile up there. Something about the wind direction and the fact that our house is up on a little hill. I do string lights and hang a wreath! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  17. Oh, how I love your porch. It is so inviting for the holidays.

  18. So many wonderful pics and ideas! We are having snow showers today and that and your porch pics make me feel Christmasy :)

  19. Nice to meet you Susan and thank you for dropping by for a visit!!
    I love this exciting time of year and starting to pull my Christmas decorations out!
    Your Bentley is adorable!!

  20. I'm loving the simple, country look and the JOY sign is wonderful! ~ Maureen

  21. These are all great ideas. I wrote my post for Monday earlier today and almost used that mitten photo. :)

  22. Love the JOY sign. I do good to get the inside together for Christmas Susan. I am in awe of you decorating the porch. xo, olive

  23. Hi Susan and Bentley,
    I love all the posted on your blog!! Such great inspiration!!
    I love pinterest and spend way too many hours on that site!!
    Happy weekend!

  24. I like the idea with the wicker chair and the lovely pillow the most. :-) But you have done that already, right? The clay pots are nice too. Have a lovely weekend. Regula

  25. Great ideas -- I'm sure you're putting the Christmas decorating bug in a lot of people's heads with this post! Visiting from MHC link-up and wishing you a happy Sunday!

  26. Happy pink saturday!!
    Great ideas.
    Virtual Christmas party at my blog.
    What are your favorite Christmas memories?


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