Saturday, March 23, 2013

Last Minute Easter Decorating Ideas For You

Easter is early this year.  It was only last Sunday that we celebrated
St Patrick's Day.  I don't know about y'all, but I am running behind.
So while I look through some decorating ideas I thought I would
share them with you.

So to put you in the mood, put on your Easter bonnet and
let's get started.

We need Easter eggs of course.

For centerpieces, wreaths and baskets of course.

Aww ~ sweet!

We need yummy desserts of course

How cute is this???

Peeps have certainly become a big part of the Easter landscape.

These are so adorable!

And bunnies of course.  We must have lots of bunnies!

In all shapes and forms.

And always the little ones.

I hope that I have given those of you (like me) who are
behind in their decorating, some ideas to inspire.  Now
go forth and be creative!

Happily Joining ~

Seasonal Sundays
Sunny Simple Sundays
Homemaking Party

Bentley spent some quality time with his grandmama today
while I went to an estate sale in her neighborhood.  They
love each other.  So sweet!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan~ I love your pinspirations! I much prefer Easter to be a wee bit later than on the heels of St. Paddy's day! Doggie hugs and kisses for Bentley :)

  2. Every one is adorable! Yep, it seems all of the early holidays are colliding this year, hope things calm down soon:@)

  3. It all is so pretty ! We are having an Easter family pot luck supper next Sat at the in laws and I have no idea what to make ! Oh Bentley so glad you had a nice visit with your grandma . Oh did you get lots of goodies from the sale ? looking forward to seeing what ya got ! Have a good evening !

  4. So much great inspiration!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Love all these pins, Susan, some I have seen others were new to me! Love that bottoms up bunny cake, that is adorable. xo

  6. Good ideas Susan. Love the bottoms up bunny cake (I've heard it referred as Bunny Butt Cake) and absolutely love the little one with the tutu and bunny tail and ears. Must take that photo with Laynee. So cute.


  7. Susan, your inspiration post is timely for me. I'm finally pulling out some Easter things today. It's been fun to see my bunnies again. Makes me smile. I admit, I'm not pulling out a great deal. Decided to keep it simple since I'm so late getting things out. Thanks for sharing the photos. '-)

  8. Hi Susan...Words are so inadequate to express my thoughts on your post! what an amazing and precious group of blog postings. I couldn't even begin to choose a favorite...They're all incredibly sweet!

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment. I love it when you visit, my friend.
    Carolynn xoxo

  9. What great, great ideas here. Those felt "eggs" in the carton are too cute for words. xo Diana

  10. That first cake is so cute! Yes holidays are seem jammed together this year. Laura

  11. The bunny cake is so darling and I love all the colored eggs. Happy Easter!

  12. What sweet ideas you've shared, Susan! I love the bunny cake and isn't that tutu adorable??
    Thank you for your visit the other day. I tried commenting on your blog, but for some reason, the comment box wasn't there and neither were other people's comments. It was crazy! I'm happy to say that all is well now. May you and Bentley have a wonderful Easter week.

  13. So many beautiful pictures, I loved the one with the pink and beige eggs in the base and the pink flowers...Love all the incredible photos, so many ideas and inspirations...


  14. Awesome photos..truly a Easter the blue eggs and bunny in the basket...thank you for the lovely share...:):):)

  15. Love all of these photos - the cake with the Peeps on top is too, too cute! I truly have felt behind, since Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day fell so close together. This is a strange year!

  16. Oh my such lovely Easter decorations. Like you, I'm behind, I must catch up ~ thanks for the inspiration. Love the little bunny buns cake ;-)

  17. My favorite it is the Give Peeps a Chance sign. But I also love the little cute!

  18. I am not sure I'll get any Easter decorating done this year. I don't go home until Tue and then head to see my Grandson on Friday for Easter weekend. Oh well, I'll enjoy every one else's lovely bunnies and peeps!
    hugs, Linda

  19. What a wonderful resource of ideas these are! So creative and unique! I love all of them and can't seem to chose a favorite :) Great post. xx Nadia

  20. I have to confess that there is no Easter decorating going on here. Such a sad state of affairs. I sure am enjoying looking at everyone else's though.

  21. I'm behind too, Susan. Just finishing up an Easter Tablescape today, and the mantel has just been done! Oh my! Love that little bunny butt cake!! Too cute! :)

  22. Great ideas you found! I enjoyed the show very much. Especially like the flowers with eggs surrounding them and the last cloche!

  23. Hi Susan,
    other than the green meal I totally skipped St. Patty's this year and went straight to Easter. Love your inspiration here. I want to make the wool peeps and eggs, (next year). Yes, we need eggs, and desserts, and bunnies!
    p.s. Glad Bentley got to visit gramma!

  24. Everything is so cute and a lot of great inspiration!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Wishing you and your a very Happy Easter!!


  25. I too am running behind. All of these happy images are SO inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Palm Sunday!

  26. Everything you showed was just adorable and surely put me in the Easter mood.

  27. I love that napkin fold and the wreaths with eggs! How can we think Easter when it's a blizzard outside!

  28. What cute ideas you have gathered together. LOVE the green and white napkins and the Peeps cake.

  29. I love these beautiful and awesome Easter decorations. This Easter 2014, the decors are so great to try. Thanks for sharing ideas.



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