Thursday, March 14, 2013

Romancing the Cottage

Spring is such a romantic time of year and what better way
to bring a bit of romance into your cottage than by bringing 
in a few flowers.

It's hard to believe that my husband can live with all of this
femininity ...

but he does.  Bentley does too.  

Thank you for all of the kind words, thoughts and prayers.
You all have really touched my heart and your support
gives me added courage.  

Happily Joining ~

I sure do hope Tina our groomer shows up this afternoon.
Bentley is a mess right now.  He looks like he's decided to 
grow dread locks and he does not want me to brush him.
I  tried my best to brush him last night.  He was having none
of it.  This morning he was mad at me.  He's over it now
and we have made up.  Oh the joys of a stubborn terrier!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, your rose china is so pretty. Hubbie and I had to come to a compromise with decor. The most feminine he would agree to is traditional style. Both of us love Cherry wood, so that is what our furniture is made from. Our furniture has a feminine flare.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think it takes a real man to not be threatened by those pretty feminine touches that we enjoy!

    You remain in my prayers. xxoo

  3. Personally I think men like a bit of flowers and pretty things around, they are pleasing and smell nice, the flowers not the men.

  4. You have the most beautiful dishes! And displaying them is a perfect way to usher in spring!

    I've never had a long haired dog, but I imagine that it doesn't feel good to have tangles brushed out...ouch!


  5. Your china is so pretty.

    I love your husband lets you use in decor, things that pretty one hates to hide away!

    Bently needs a shave and a hair cut, huh?

    Good luck, hope it all works out!!

  6. Dear Susan,
    I agree with Sherri. Tell him he's a real man. I think they can enjoy the beauty of the flowers, softness and joy they bring too. I am going to guess he loves you a lot and it makes him happy to make you happy. :)
    Ruthie from:

  7. Love your pretties. Love the flowers. I must get some out as I wait for spring to arrive. Mr. V. doesn't care that he lives with feminity, as long as I don't decorate his garage ~ ;-)
    Bentley, you need a hair cut. You must stay handsome for momma ~

  8. Very pretty! I love those flowers!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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