Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snuggly PJ's, Comfy Robes and Cozy Slippers

I am a bit embarrassed to tell you this, but our postman ~ Harald has 
caught me in this outfit several times recently.  Not that it is fetching.  
Flannel pajamas, a favorite robe and my well worn LL Bean slippers
are not exactly the apparel of a femme fatale, but it's what this girl wears
every night and well to be honest, what I'll be wearing all day if I could.

When I am loading up blog pics and writing a blog post, you may well catch me
in these Lanz of Salzburg pj's.  They were a Christmas gift from my beloved
Mom this past Christmas and they are so comfy and cozy and especially loved
because they are from my own dear Mommy.

When the weather warms up, I switch from flannels to cotton.  This little
set has shorts and I love the fluffy blue short robe with a hood.  

I am sharing a little secret with you.  Oh ~ who am I kidding, I am sharing
lots of secrets with you in this post.  I started collecting these animal
slippers a long time ago.  They are like wearing stuffed animals on your feet.
I don't know what happened to me, but I never really left childhood behind.
I love them.  I am in my own little cottage when I am wearing them,
and quite honestly, there are worse things don't you think?

Which brings me to this little bear.  Let me be brutally honest here.  I was
on a business trip in Seattle.  Whenever I travelled without my hubby on business,
I always tucked my favorite teddy bear in my bag.  So there I was, in Seattle on a
buying trip.  My co-worker and I went back to our room and I realized that I 
had not brought my favorite bear with me.  I could not sleep without my
hubby and without my bear too.  What to do?  I went down to the hotel
gift shop and found this sweet bear.  Onto my credit card she went and I 
slept like a baby all night.  In the morning I was back into my power business
suit and wheeling and dealing with the big boys and I owe it all to this
sweet little bear.

(Have I mentioned that I am just a big kid?)

I got a bonus at work.  Banked most of it and splurged on these teddy bear slippers.
(It's our little secret that I am really a marshmallow!)

Puppy slipper love.

I am all about comfort.

I saved the best and dearest for last.  This is Gunder.  He has shared
every trial, success and every tear with me for the past 27 years.
Thank you Gunder.  You rock!

Happily joining ~

Bentley ~ the all knowing and wonderful, accepts Gunder and my
animal slippers.  However, he thinks my LL Bean slippers are fair game.

Big Hugs,

Susan and Bentley


  1. I a big on comfy P.J.s and bathrobe.
    cute bears

  2. Hey Susan - love love love the slippers....J

  3. I have to treat myself to some Lanz pj's, just heard about them today! I am also at Claudia's party. Love the slippers. xo

  4. Love the bear story. That is priceless... and I won't tell a soul! ~Sally

  5. Wonderful post and photos ! I like to wear a old sweat shirt and PJ bottoms we call here sleep pants and my slippers I to love to be comfy cozy at home I find as I am getting older I am all for comfort now lol ! I love your animals slippers and teddy bear . I would be the same if I had to travel with out Papa I to would have a teddy bear with me so I could sleep . Thanks for sharing with us and no one is to old for comfort or teddies ! Have a good evening !

  6. I just love warm snuggly pj's. We don't get to use them too much here in Florida, but when it gets cold, it's COLD!!!

    Jocelyn @

  7. I love this post. I love comfy pj's flannelette please in the winter and cotton in the summer. Your PJs look alot like mine. My hubby and daughter have been trying to get me out of them and I won't. Love fluffy bath robes too. I love your animal slippers. I love them too. Alas every Christmas my daughter buys me a pair. This year Steve Maddens with bling on them. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can still get animal slippers this time of year?

  8. Oh, you are a girl after my own heart! Love your pjs, both flannel and cotton! Love, love your teddy bears and slippers! I have a little teddy that Don gave me when I was going to have to work in San Diego for 6 months. Now I take him with me whenever I have to go on the road for over 3 days. He'll be going with me to Hartford in April! Thank you so, so much for joining in on this little party! You are, as always, fabulous!


  9. Very pretty PJ's. The slippers are wonderful. Come on, we want to see you in your jammies....LOL

  10. Hello Susan

    What a fun post! I love you pajama. The pattern is adorable. And your animal slippers. Hihihiiiii. I'd love to meet you all. :-) Regula

  11. Susan I am in love with your slippers! Mine are big and warm but not 'cute'!! I'm a nightgown girl and will be sharing my PJ"s soon!! Your bears are so sweet and I bet Bentley does understand!

  12. I say a hearty YES to all things listed in the title of this post.

  13. I don't ever wear slippers - I'm a barefoot girl. That last little bear is adorable.

  14. Winter is slipper time nothing beats a hot shower put on pj's and slippers and veg out in front of the tv.

  15. Love your jammies, Susan! Your slippers are so cute, too. I don't wear slippers around the house though; just socks or I go barefoot in the warmer months. Your teddy bears are darling. I love that you went to the gift shop at the hotel and got a new teddy bear since you forgot yours. :-)

  16. Lanz was the big deal for us in High school...but very expensive then. (that was decades ago) The were featured in Seventeen magazine and i drooled over them. These days I buy the animal slippers for my little granddaughter. I started with bunny slippers, but now she is wearing puppy slippers. I guess I buy her all the things I would have loved!

  17. HA! So cute! I didn't know they made animal slippers for big kids. :) I do love my pjs and am in them as often as possible when I am at home. A good weekend is a pajama weekend though my husband isn't too keen on it. Best wishes, Tammy


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