Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kitchen Decorating Dilemma

The kitchen in my old house was very tiny.  There were white 
cabinets and white bead board, black granite counter tops and lots
of pops of red.  It all seemed to work in that space.

Oh and although it does not show up very well, the floors were
wide plank pine with a light stain and finished in oil.

My new kitchen is bigger with lots of khaki paint, white cabinets and espresso 
stained wood flooring.  

The counter tops are Silestone in tan, brown and beige.   David and I
had a discussion yesterday and we decided that we may have to change 
the counter top around the sink and the stove when we pull out the 
existing stainless sink and swap it for my farmhouse one and also
when we pull out the cooktop and install my Viking.  So I well may
need to decide on new counters for this area, but some of the existing
counter will remain like this one in the pic above.  

So here is where where my decorating thoughts are headed now.
See the pic above?  Well this hallway leads from the breezeway into
the kitchen and breakfast room.  Now look a bit closer ...

When I first put this together I stood back and thought to myself, 
I am not missing the red.  Now I love red and use it quite a bit, but 
somehow the creams and the whites and the shades of the woven
baskets just seem so appealing to me right now.

If you were starting over, what would you do?

Your opinion won't matter to Bentley.
He's color blind.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I can't say for certain, but I am crushing on wood counters lately.

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking of ~ so I guess I am crushing on them too

  2. Are you asking about counter tops or color? :) When we moved to this house last year I told myself I was going neutral because I've seen so many beautiful interiors. I tried...I really did but after several months realized it just wasn't me. I was totally missing my red and my husband was too. So the color came back! Now about the counters, I love wood counters too but what would that do combined with your floor? I wonder if you could do some kind of black counter top. That look is pretty mixed with what you have. My mom has black Silestone and it's beautiful.

  3. Replies
    1. Lily ~ I think you would like Bentley. I am quite sure he would like you!

  4. I have no idea but I am sure what ever you decide will look wonderful . Thanks for sharing . Lovely photos . Have a good day !

  5. I love red and have red in my kitchen. My counter tops are white tile which was in when I replaced the counter tops 10 years ago. It seems every 3 years they change the counter tops. Since this is a very expensive project I would take my time. I love the farm house sink and with your new viking range maybe the wood would look good. Can you get some samples and place them around and see how they look. I am sure you will make the right decision. Good luck.... Hugs to Bentley.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Oh Susan....I just went thru this same choice one year ago. Having had butcher block counters back in NH I missed them very much. After 20 years here in Fl we were rebuilding the entire kitchen. I spent weeks researching all the materials for countertops and finally decided to go back to wood. Do you have Ikea near you? Their countertops are wonderful. I chose the lightest of the 3 shades because they will darken with age over time and I'm happy with them every day. Red is also a favorite color to use in 'temporaries' in my kitchen - window treatments, linens, appliance covers, etc. This way I can change everything out as the mood or season strikes.

  7. I am fond of red and sometimes I use it too much but it is cheery and uplifting.

  8. I seem to always have a problem with decorating my kitchen too!
    I am sure yours will look splendid no matter how you decorate it!!

  9. Hi Susan, I have a similar dilemma.however I would hesitate to have wood counters around the sink.Unless of course you never washup!
    I am thinking of taking out my Viking gas stove and going for something more slick. I do love my wood butcher lock on my island buT I never cut anything without using a cutting board.
    I always find it is easier to decide what I don't like than what I do.
    The neutrals are fantastic and will allow you to accessorize with the seasons.
    Have fun.
    Regards Janine

  10. Susan ~ I had red and yellow and lots of bright pops of colour in my kitchen. Now I am transitioning to creams with little pops of aqua and pink. The aqua keeps Mr. V. happy and the pink makes me smile ~ Mr. V. and I love it ~ I KNOW that whatever you do will be just perfect for your home. Can't wait to see it.

  11. I have to have my red. But whatever you choose, I'll love it because you're amazing!

  12. Since it's a new to you space it may be fun to change things up a little just to see how you like it. Going with creams and whites with wicker accents would be lovely. If in the end you really need a shot of red it would blend in perfectly with all the cream and white I think.

  13. I'm just so glad I'm not starting over..It has to be your decision..your have to live with it..It will be lovely whatever you do..Aren't I a big help???


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