Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nesting on a Wednesday Afternoon

A rainy afternoon.  Dreary and windy.  A good day for nesting.

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon creating a gallery wall in 
the hallway leading to Mom's bedroom.  We are not quite finished yet,
but getting close now.  I would love to take some pics to show you
but it's so dark and cloudy.  Not a good picture taking day.

With Thanksgiving on it's way, I am consumed with thoughts of the dining room and
recipes.  It's our first Thanksgiving in our new house and I want to make it as
special as I can.  Mom and I have been planning all kinds of changes for this room
but honestly, I think it would be more realistic for us to consider these changes
after the holidays.

Isn't this a pretty dish?  I  just love looking at it.

I thought I would take a pic of the kitchen before next week.  It won't be
so neat and tidy then ;-)

Remember when I was talking about a cream and neutral color palate for
my kitchen?   What was I thinking???  Y'all know that can't happen.
After all ~ reds just keep on creeping in!

I am kind of partied out right now so no links today.  Just lots of love
and of course ~

Big Texas Hugs,
from Susan and Bentley


  1. I love how bright your kitchen is- and the pops of red look great - xo Diana

  2. Oh I do like your kitchen and that island is lovely ! Cute dish . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  3. Your kitchen island is great I would love one but my kitchen is just not big enough.

  4. It all looks so pretty, Susan. Glad you are resting up today. xo Laura

  5. I knew the red would come back's a color I can't be without too!!! And I also love looking at that pretty dish, love the's good to rest!!!

  6. I'm having a wee love affair with red right now so this looks perfect to me!

  7. Love the red and I have it all over my house. The kitchen looks really good and the dish is so pretty. Rest up and enjoy your tea.

  8. Susan, you can have your cream and red too. Just a suggestion ~ why not paint your walls cream and add pops of red that you love so much. Love that little dish, it would be a lovely addition to a Thanksgiving dinner ~ enjoy your nesting ;-)

  9. love the red. love the kitchen. i am about to move into a new old house and red is going to creep into my kitchen also.

  10. Love the red touches in your kitchen. Very cheerful!

  11. Love the red...Happy color..Enjoy your Thanksgiving...Mess up that kitchen..


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