Thursday, April 3, 2014

Decorating For Easter

Easter is just seventeen days away and I have not put
out any decorations yet.   I often have to go through old
photos to see what I have done in years past.

I am not sure what we will do for dinner or brunch this year.
In the past we always went to Mom's house.  But this year
it will be just the two of us and Bentley of course.

We will go to church of course, but then what?  Should we have
dinner at home?  Or should be go out for brunch?  We like to go to
our club for Sunday brunch but since we did not live here last
year I don't even know if they will be serving on Easter Sunday.

Or maybe if we should pack up a picnic and drive down to the beach.

It will be different this year.

We will just have to start a new tradition.  Maybe we should hide dog
treats around the yard for Bentley.  What are your traditions?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I vote for the picnic at the beach. Our plans change year by year. Being the parents of boys (we do have a daughter) we usually have to be the flexible ones in the family. Probably church, dinner here and maybe something fun. I like the idea of hiding dog treats,hah.

  2. A new tradition is a great idea! How about dinner somewhere nice and visit some gardens. I love to do things like that. We are having a large family gathering out in the country with my husband's family.

  3. If the weather is nice, a picnic at the beach sounds like a fun idea. We have a tradition of having brunch with a group of friends. It will be t our home this year and on the terrace if wether permits. Enjoyed your pretty vignettes. '-)

  4. love the picnic idea.. everything looks so spring spectacular~! lovin all those bunnies in baskets.

  5. While Christmas is always the same here ( Big dinner at my house ) Easter has changed over the varies. If I were you, in a new location, and the weather was fine, and you needed to do something different, especially something very different from when your dear mama was with you, then I'd go to the beach at least for this year.

  6. If you can be sure that the weather will cooperate, then a picnic would be ok, but I would check with the club to see about brunch. That sounds like something you could do every year. After brunch go to the beach.

  7. Susan, you will come across many firsts this year. I believe that you and David should do something that you both enjoy. If it is a picnic at the beach or a brunch at your club. Just relax, enjoy and savor the day. Remember what Easter is all about and you will feel joy in your heart ~ Bunch of hugs your way. (hiding treats with Bentley would be such fun while you and David have a lovely brunch on your porch, that you both made together) hint hint ~ sigh ~

  8. 17 days! I am really need to get a move on!

  9. I am SO bummed, we are away but STUCK as we were in an accident and our car is being repaired. They say it will be another week and by the time we get home it will be too late to decorate for Easter. I loved seeing yours!

    1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about your accident. As long as you and your loved ones are okay is the important thing. Go buy yourself some tulips and dye a few eggs. Fresh spring flowers are the best of all decorations. Make this week a special one. I am sending prayers you way.

  10. Whether brunch at the club or picnic at the beach, I say do whatever makes you happy, in remembrance of your mom. As a bonus, you can get some of the plastic eggs - the ones with the holes in the end (at Target, I think) - and put treats in them and hide them for Bentley to find. I would love to see the pics! :)

  11. This will be a difficult holiday, I know. This is a new journey for you too, so start something new. I would love a picnic if not at the beach at least in the backyard. I do think hiding eggs for Bentley would be a hoot! If you want noise go to a out for Easter lunch...but you might want quiet so just the two of you.

  12. It will be hard for you without your mom this year, Susan. I love your sweet Easter decorations, they all look so pretty.
    Sending love.
    Helen xox


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