Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Searching for Clues

On a desk we lovingly call "Daddy's Desk" is an antique box that was
presented to Daddy from a family in Jerusalem.  I cannot recall exactly
why this was gifted to him.  What I recall is that he did something nice
for someone in the Dobkin family.  Now that my Mom has passed, I can't 
ask her to elaborate.  So I Googled the name Dobkin in Jerusalem and
came up with a couple of clues.  I sent an email to someone who may
possibly be a member of this family and am hoping he does read my
email and not treat it as spam. 

What I do recall is that this antique box containing blown glass vessels
from the first century CE (Common Era or Christian Era) was hand 
carried to my Daddy's office in Chicago by either a member or a friend
of this family from Jerusalem.  Daddy was a great student of ancient history
and he spent a good bit of his free time visiting all of the historic sights of
Israel and the middle east while he was there on business.  He was very
proud of this gift.  

I hope I can learn more about this family and their association with my
Daddy.  If in fact he did help a foreign student go to college in the states,
I hope that person grew in knowledge and went on to accomplish
good things for his or her community.   I'll let you know if any of my
questions are answered.

We are battling fleas around here.  The bug man is coming
tomorrow.  We didn't have fleas in Idaho.  I love Texas
but am not crazy about the insects here.  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh! What a treasure that is! You are very blessed! Incredibly blessed!

    Blessings and Shalom,


  2. pretty nice blog, following :)

  3. Susan, this if a fascinating story and I cannot wait to read the rest of it. Please, please keep us posted on this one!!

  4. Susan, I meant to write - "is a fascinating story". I am the world's worst proof-reader!!

  5. How intriguing! I do hope you can find some answers. The imagination goes a bit wild!
    I pray your flea season is short! They are misery. Poor Bentley!

  6. It's great to have something that old and to find out the full story would be very interesting.

  7. Susan ~ how wonderful to have this treasure. I hope you hear soon and find out all about it's history xo

  8. What a wonderful gift! I hope you receive some answers so you can learn the complete history behind it :o) Battling fleas is no fun....we use a flea preventative on both of our Yorkies.

  9. pretty nice blog, following :)


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