Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dining Room Plans

Y'all have probably seen my dining room before.  I have not changed
much since I changed the color of the walls from mustard to a deep red.
But I am feeling that it needs some tweaking to make it feel more

The area on either side of the mirror over the sideboard looks a bit
lonely to me.  I am thinking about adding some framed prints to 
either side.  I remembered that I have this ...

it's a book of large Audobon prints that are suitable for framing.
I like this idea especially since we have so many birds in this area.
Do you think this would be a good idea or do you think I should 
carry on the equestrian theme that is in other areas of the house.
Fox hunting prints perhaps?

I also have these niches that are full of blue and white china.  I want
to find a way to introduce some more blue into the room so I was thinking
about adding a drapery panel on either side of the plantation shutters on
the window.  Something like a Jacobean print.

This is a terrible pic, I know, however you can get a sense of the 
space next to the window.  It just seems so blank and cold to me now.
I don't want to cover up the window at all because this is room is
north facing and tends to be dark.  The windows are are about nine
feet across and almost touch the floor.   I don't want to remove the
plantation shutters either because this room is on the side of the house
and since we are on a corner, it faces the street.  We want a bit of 
privacy.  So I thought a single panel drape on either side might 
soften it up a bit.  I saw some drapery panels in the current Pottery
Barn catalog that are in the Jacobean pattern.  

I think I will replace this rug too, perhaps with a seagrass one.  This
current one so dark and it's down on top of dark stained hardwoods.
Oh well, little by little I will get there.  

That's it for today.  Bentley and I are headed back out to work in 
the garden.  It is beautiful outside today!  I hope you are having
lovely weather too.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan and Bentley - I think the idea of a single panel on each side of the windows would be great. I love that fabric you showed. Have you seen those vintage curtain hangers that are just on the side of the windows - they don't go all the way across the window? They have little rings that go on the fabric. That's probably as clear as mud!! I'll see if I can find a photo of them anywhere. They would be wonderful for that purpose.

    Enjoy your nice day.


  2. Are they the ones that swing so that you can open the shutters? I have those in my studio because I have shutters in that room too. They work great. My mother-in-law had them in her summer cottage in New Hampshire. They were the real vintage ones. Mine are reproductions and I bought them at Country Curtains.


  3. Susan, that fabric is fabulous.. just a slim panel on each side of the shutters would make the whole room come to life..

    cant wait to see it.


  4. What a pretty dining room, Susan, and I like all of your ideas. Those builtins are wonderful and the fabric is gorgeous! I like the idea of a little bit of curtain on each side.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Love bird prints...they will look great framed and love your fabric choice for the curtains...so pretty!!

  6. I like the idea of bird prints and the panels, and new rug! I think that would be utter perfection! Good luck with your changes!

  7. That fabric is lovely and I like your bird print idea.
    Have a great week and good luck with your project.

  8. Yes, those are the swing rods, they are perfect for the effect you want....LOVE that fabric, you need a little softness in that room......maybe a runner also??? I really like the bird prints, they seem to be cheery and lively compared to the horse motif. What ever you decide, it will be gorgeous!!!

  9. That gorgeous fabric is just the ticket to pull everything together with your sea grass carpet and the bird prints. Lovely

  10. Love your plans! I think the framed pictures of birds would be a good way to accent the blue your looking for.Looking forward to seeing what you decied.Hugs to Bentley!

  11. I think the framed bird pictures is a perfect idea! If you didn't want to add the drapes next to the window, carrying the bird photos around the room would also soften up the wall area over there.

  12. Love the Jacobean print fabric...love in fact I had a similar print in my dining room. They are now in my bedroom...needed a change. the Audobon prints a great idea too. I have a flamingo one in my bedroom too. We must be related.......

  13. I would go with the bird prints, I think they will coordinate beautifully with that beautiful fabric! One panel on each side would be perfect and really make the room even more beautiful! Can't wait to see the reveal!

  14. I'm loving the color of your wall! It's a bold choice, since everyone opts for lighter colors. Don't worry too much on your window, though. Your shutters are doing a great job in giving you both privacy and sunlight. Your idea of adding a drapery panel could help in breaking the monotony of the red wall, so as to prevent it from having a blank appearance.
    Greg Arnett @ Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions


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