Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cabin Is Turning Into Beach Cottage

Remember the cabin we planned to build up in the mountains of 
Idaho?  Well although we still own the lot up there and have no 
intention of selling it, now that we are in Texas near the gulf coast
I am itching for a beach house.  I have fallen in love with the 
small coastal community of Rockport, Texas.  Now I just have to
figure out a way that I can have both ;-)


Ah ~ sea breezes, seafood, beach combing, sand between your
toes ~ sheer bliss don't you agree?  So let's pretend that I can
find some cute little beach cottage and decorate it with salvaged
finds and treasures.


Something modest and sweet that's my dream.  Every time I
mention beach house my husband David starts looking at beach
mini mansions.  For one thing we can't afford it and for another
even if we could, it's not what I want.  I want a little place that
is cute, fun, carefree and charming.


Something like this.  Bright colors and lots of simple charm.
This is a cottage on Tybee Island.  That place has the corner on
charm.  Let's look at some more ...


This just screams HAPPY!  I love it.  Okay, so now we have some
examples of the exterior we could create ~ now let's go inside our
pretend beach cottage and roll up our sleeves and get decorating!


From the first time I saw pictures of Mary Kay Andrews'
beach cottage I knew I was in love.  It's warm and friendly and
has the kind of laid back lived in look I love.  Don't you just
love these colors???


I love these lamps and shades.  Such fun.  It's hard to be
serious or sad in a place like this.  I could very easily
stretch out on this sofa with one of Mary Kay's books.


A cute spot to hang your straw beach hat and a basket
of towels.  Imagine the possibilities for decorating.


Of course now it's just a dream.  But we all have to start
somewhere don't we?  I hope y'all have sweet dreams tonight.
Dreams of places you long to be.  Happy dreams!

Nighty Night

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Having had large homes, I prefer cottages. The first one is so charming and in my favorite shade of blue. Sweet dreams! xoxo

  2. Love, love, love the screened in porch on the 2nd cottage! Also love the lime green porch glider. Perfect sitting spot for a nice iced tea & a pile of my Country Sampler magazines. Heaven on earth!!

  3. My favorite is the little blue cottage with that darling front porch. Wouldn't it be fun to have a cabin in the mountains and a beach cottage? Hope your dream comes true!

  4. Such are the things Dreams are made of.. Dreams do come true. Thanks for sharing yours with us.. love them all.

  5. That is what I want something small and full of charm but on a lake. Maybe some day

  6. A beach cottage is my dream place also. Small and charming!


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