Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bentley's Texas Hill Country Cottage Tour

Bentley is the dearest little dog.  He always wants to do whatever I am doing,
even when it is driving through the streets of Fredericksburg looking at
charming cottages.  Just look at that face.  He is so focused on this cottage
I am capturing.  Dear little guy.  He never complains.  He is just happy to
be included.

There are an amazing number of charming cottages in the town of Fredericksburg.
So much variety and so much emphasis on cuteness.  I swear I want to wrap my
arms around the whole town!  

I spotted this one and Bentley and I just knew that you would want to see it too.

It's typical of many cottages here, not just for it's charm but also for all the
extras the property has.  These cottages may look small, but they often
have additions that really increase their size.  But there is something else that
this home has that is especially alluring ….

A playhouse!  This adorable playhouse makes me want to morph right back
into childhood.  It's painted in the same colors as the main house and has
a wonderful tin roof too.  It even has it's own fenced in area separated from
the rest of the garden.  Such a delight!

This house is on a corner lot.  There is a two story structure in the Dutch
gambrel style out back.  This is just an oasis of peace and contentment.

On the opposite corner is this lovely home with the wrap around porch.
It was sold recently for $600,000.  Prices are not cheap here.  Charm is
expensive, but I would be willing to work very hard to enjoy the kind of
charm this town has to offer.

This is an additional structure on the same property.  Many houses seem to
have their own little guest cottages for friends and family.  One reason I wanted
y'all to see this is for the vintage shutter display with wreath.  Understated and
so lovely.

Limestone cottages are everywhere.  I wanted you to see what I mean about
wings and separate structures added to the property.  It just fascinates me.

We came across this place.  I got out of the truck to take some pictures but left
Bentley behind.  It's so hard to take a picture while keeping him on the leash.
He tugs and sniffs and the pics always turn out blurry.  He hates to get left
behind even for a couple of minutes.  Such a mama's boy.  He worries until 
I return.

Anyway, I was completely fascinated by this large grouping of cottages.
There is no signage so I really didn't know if it was a condo property or
a bed and breakfast or what.  All of the cottages are different.  Each one
has a porch decorated for fall.

They are built to look historic yet are not.  It is obvious that no expense was
spared in the construction of the property.

There is a water wheel, a working windmill and a cistern.  Little bridges
and paths meander over little creeks and ponds.

The fences and landscaping is so charming.  Excuse the pics.  The weather
was quite cool and rainy.  I did not mind one bit.  We need the rain here
so it was a blessing even though not the best photo taking weather.

Such a lovely pond.

What I have come to learn is that this spot is a retreat for the employees of
the SAS Shoe Company based in San Antonio.  Such a treat for them.
Who knew?  I certainly did not.

Bentley and I will share a little secret with you.  We are working with
a wonderful real estate agent in Fredericksburg to find our own cottage.
A little place where we can go for long weekends and perhaps a week or
two during the year.  David and Bentley and I have found one we are
interested in buying.  It's in this same neighborhood where I have shown
you these other cottages.  It is a big decision and I am a little bit nervous
about it, but we are mulling it over.  I'll let y'all know what we decide.
Life is an adventure.  We just keep putting one foot in front of the other
to see what's down the path.

We rented the same cottage where we stayed for our anniversary
last June.  Bentley is so cute.  When we pulled up to the cottage
I could tell that he recognized it.  He rushed from room to room and
out onto the screened in porch with a big grin on his face.  The 
little guy felt right at home.  Dogs continue to amaze me.  Their
home and the people they love are all that matter to them.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. So interesting. Those cottages are moms dream home
    Lily & Edward

  2. It a lovely area, I too like the look of these cottages, they look warm and welcoming.

  3. I love Fredericksburg, too. We visited quite a bit when we first moved to Tx, almost 20 years ago now. I think Bentley is a wise philosopher. We should listen to him more!

  4. Simply charming. I too love outbuildings & add-ons. I especially love porches. Be they wraparound, screened in or open. They just scream peaceful. Ok, that was a bit of a contradictory statement but you know what I mean. I just came home from kitty sitting at my son & his girlfriends apartment in Queen Anne. You should see the gorgeous old houses in that exclusive neighborhood. Way out of my pocketbook range unfortunately. Ah well, a gal can dream. Welcome back to blog land. You were missed.

  5. What a beautiful area and how exciting that you are looking to buy something there !
    Bentley is too adorable for words :)

  6. Good luck with the decision, Susan. Life is short, so you and David should do this. Fredericksburg property is an excellent investment.

  7. Great little tour of charming cottages. How exciting that you may own one soon!

  8. Susan, they're all so adorable, but the little limestone with wings is my favourite; how utterly charming! How exciting to be hunting for a cottage. I'm sure that it will be the cutest on the block! Best of luck!


  9. Love Fredericksburg? Have been there several times. Sounds like a good place to have a girls' weekend also! We could work on dollhouses! LOL

    Excited for you! Keep us posted.


  10. Thanks for the tour. Lovely! Bentley is adorable.

  11. I've seen Fredericksburg homes inside the pages of many magazines over the years. Charming is the word!


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