Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Little Yellow Cottage Obsession

I can just imagine lying on a psychologist's sofa and having him or her ask ~

So tell me Susan, when exactly did this obsession with little yellow 
cottages begin?

My answer would have to be, a few weeks ago.  Suddenly I was gravitating to
the color yellow.  It started out innocuously enough.  You know, I would see
a yellow fabric I liked such as this one ….

I was attracted to the charm of it.  I thought it was going to end there,
but little by little, I started noticing a change.  Don't get me wrong, red is
still my favorite color, but then red looks so good next to yellow.  Once I
started going down that path, there was no stopping me!

Do you see what I mean?  Look at how warm and cozy this room 
looks with all the yellow touches added to the red.  I am completely
in love with that wing chair!

Then I started seeking out pictures of little yellow cottages.  The cuteness factor
was so great that I could hardly keep myself from collecting more and more
pictures of them.

Do you see what I mean?  Not much I can do but surrender to the
little yellow cottage obsession ;-)

You can see more yellow and more cottages on my
 Pinterest boards.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. It is a beautiful, warm color. We were really considering it for the home we are building now but my cousin's house is yellow with white trim and I knew that every time we'd pull up, I'd think of her. Not a bad thing, except that she has cut me out of her life so it wouldn't be a pleasant memory! So we chose a dark green shingled siding, a charcoal grey in the peaks, white trim with black shutters. Can't wait to see how it looks!

  2. I have never been much of a yellow person, but I might just become obsessed with a little yellow cottage. xo Laura

  3. Is there room on that couch for two . . . all of your photos are making me agree with your obsession. Yellow is such a happy color and who doesn't want to be happy and spread a little sunshine:)

  4. My obsession started in high school. I picked out my yellow striped wallpaper and asked for white wainscoting in my room! I have been hooked ever since. I a thinking it was that yellow table and chairs that Mary had in the apartment. I will see if I can find a pic that inspired me!
    Bentley, your cousins have been romping in the snow today!

  5. Yellow is a very pretty color and it does warm up a room.

    1. I love your post today because I love cottages and bungalows too. Mr D always tells me he' going to build me a bungalow in the back yard, it would be my playhouse. I'm afraid he's all talk and no action!

  6. Seems with both have the red and yellow obsession except I added blue to mine. Is there room on that psychologist's couch for me too?

  7. They are grown up doll houses! I share your preoccupation with cute cottages. Want one so bad!

  8. Your obsession is well-justified! Cottages in and of themselves are cute as a button, but when they're painted yellow...the cheery factor increases by leaps and bounds!!! I love yellow...have it in our dining room and master suite. Coupled with a vibrant color like red or pink, yellow takes on an even prettier look.

    A couple of those wing chairs would be perfect in our bedroom!!!


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