Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twinsets and Pearls

Recently the temperatures really dipped in south Texas.  My daily attire of shorts,
t-shirts and flip flops gave way to corduroy leggings and sweaters.  While I was 
checking out my closet for warmer clothes, I remembered my Mom's collection
of cashmere sweaters.  Dare I ?  I thought to myself.  Mom's beloved array of
simple, timeless yet elegant sweaters.  But I could almost hear her say ….

Who will wear them if you don't?  What good will they be just
sitting unused in the drawers?


I started thinking about my Mom's style.  Always simple, always elegant.
Twinsets and pearls.  Tweeds, tartans and often a little silk scarf tied around her
neck. Minimal jewelry and make-up.  A little bit of lipstick.  Perhaps a Tiffany
bracelet.  The requisite little black dress hanging on a silk padded hanger
in her closet.  Her simple and chic bob hairstyle, parted on the left with just
a slight curl at the ends.  It was her style.  It was her era and the same one
shared by so many of her peers.  Never flashy, always tasteful.  Whether she
was out in the garden weeding, on the golf course or at a formal dinner she
always looked smart.  Smart was a favorite fashion statement of hers as was

So I opened up one of her drawers.  I chose a charcoal gray cashmere to
wear with some black corduroy leggings.  I added a little gray tweed
jacket that I had given her a few years ago.  In a way I felt like a little girl
playing dress up in her mama's clothes.  Could I pull it off?  We went
to a dessert and coffee party at a neighbor's house and I felt so very
comfortable.  I had not made a mistake.

I could still smell her favorite perfume on her sweater.  In fact, everything
she owns smells like Youth Dew by Estee Lauder or Chanel No. 5.
Those were her two favorites.  Classics, just like her.

What's It Wednesday

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. A wonderful tribute to your mother, an obviously very classy and sophisticated lady!

    1. Thanks Brenda. Yes she was classy and sophisticated. Don't think I will ever live up to her.

  2. Yes, that is such a wonderful tribute to your stylish mom! Very lovely indeed.

  3. We as a society have lost the style, the smartness, that our Mom's had. Mine always had on a high necked blouse, her hair fixed, earrings, and lipstick. She got up in the morning and dressed for the day. She also wore Wranglers and lace up Ropers most of the time. None of us could wear her clothes, so we donated them the Jr League in Boise. She had lots of suits and nice jackets that could be worn for work. She had lots, and I mean lots of costume jewelry. We sold much of it. I gave some to her friends and neighbors. She has been gone 4 years, and women I know are still wearing her pins, and earrings, and telling me how they wear it in memory of her. I try to dress a little better, and wear her jewelry, just to keep her memory alive. So wear your Mom's nice things with pride, and remember her.

    1. I used to enjoy shopping at the Jr League Boise thrift shop. I am sure that your Mom's things have made others very happy. Like you, I am trying to emulate my Mom's style. We were both so lucky!

  4. Your words and Klyn's, of describing your mothers is so sweet. Nice that you can wearher sweaters. Just think of them as a big hug from your mom.

  5. Your mother sounds like she was a true beauty, as was my mother. Mine maybe wasn't so chic, she was chasing after seven children of course!! I bet you looked stunning. My mom wore Youth Dew, too and I used to steal a spray or two now and then in high school! ;-)

    Jane xx

    1. I love that our Moms wore the same fragrance. I always keep some around just to remind myself of her, but I usually wear Coco Mademoiselle or Lauren. Thanks for stopping by Jane!

  6. You can not go wrong with a cashmere sweater and if it was your mom's that's all the better. I'm sure it was kind of hard doing that but as my sister in law said, "Consider it a hug from mom."

  7. Beautiful post! Miss those twin sets and the sophisticated style they gave one. Lori

    1. Some fashionistas think twinsets are too old fashioned, but I will always like them.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hey Susan;
      You are such a Wonderful, Caring Daughter.
      Youth Dew has Always been my "Statement" of choice to wear, no matter what......
      I wish that I could have met your Mom, as it takes a special Lady to wear that Perfume :-)

  9. I'm with you, sister! Your Mom would love it that you honored her by reviving those clothes. It's a nod to her magnificent sense style. What Mom wouldn't be thrilled by that? And as for twin sets and pearls...I STILL wear them to this day! I missed out on the 50s and early 60s style since I was not yet born in the 50s and just a little kid in the 60s. I've always admired the stylings, though, and loved dressing the part. Classic!


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