Friday, December 12, 2014

Sneak Peak of My Christmas Studio

Just started decorating in my studio.  I am having more fun decorating this
room than any of the others so far. I suppose it is because I spend so much
time in here.  Bentley loves this room too and he will often linger in
his favorite chair by the window even after I have left.

I am still undecided as to what color to paint the walls in this room.
They are currently kind of a pinkie beige.  I am considering a lighter
off white.  This will definitely be a January project.

My poor husband David has developed bronchitis.  I have instructed him to
come home early from the office today and make an appointment to see the
doctor.  He was up coughing most of the night.  He has a two day golf
tournament this weekend and Saturday night is the office Christmas party.

My throat is a little bit scratchy too.  I am slamming grapefruit juice and
vitamin C hoping the bug does not catch me too.  Why do these bugs 
always hang around during the holidays?  C'est la vie.  Stay well and
be happy!

Bentley ~ when daddy comes home you can cuddle up and
take a nap with him.  You have special healing powers.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Ooooh...your studio decor is wonderful!! My "studio" (really it's my work room! haha) is a disaster! I had a sale last weekend and when I'm working.....I make a mess of things. I've always done that....and guess I always will.

    Hope you don't get sick and hope your hubby gets well soon. Both my son and DIL have had that very thing.

    HPS!!! Dana

  2. You always do a great job on y our decorating, Seems sore throats and coughing is going around. Just hope you do not get the flu

  3. Your studio looks beautiful! Hope your all feeling better soon. I'm sure Bentley will be able to do his magic!!!

  4. It looks beautiful. Hope you are able to ward off the bug. xo Laura

  5. Hope you and your husband are feeling better. Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. I've been nursing a sick husband all week as well! Hoping yours is feeling better! Your studio looks bright and cheery for Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  7. That would be a favorite room for me, too. My office studio is painted a pale gray, and it is a great neutral for my space. I love your Christmas vignette. Can you believe I can never find bottlebrush trees. Where does everyone get them?!

    Happy Pink Saturday, Susan. Stay well, and I hope your husband feels better soon.


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