Monday, December 8, 2014

The Sugar Plum Hutch

I  was having so much trouble getting into the Christmas spirit.  I was
questioning whether I wanted to decorate at all.  Over the weekend I
went to a holiday brunch at a friend's house.  Then David and I attended
the Court of Six Flags Annual Ball.  I wore an evening gown and David
wore a tux.  I had so much fun at the brunch and we both had a great
time at the ball and suddenly I was slowly getting into the mood to 

On Saturday afternoon David and I went to our favorite nursery to pick out a tree.
At first I said, let's get a smaller tree than last year.  Well next thing I know the
trees we were looking at were getting bigger and bigger.  Sure enough, we 
ended up with a big one.  The tree was just delivered and it's a gorgeous
Douglas Fir from North Carolina.  We had them bag it so that when Christmas
is over we just pull up the bag and carry it out of the house.  Less 
needles that way.  The plastic bag will actually lie under the tree skirt so
no one will even know it is there.

You know what inspired me to decorate my breakfast room hutch this way?  I pulled
out these two felt ginger bread men and put them in the toast rack.  It was not
really intentional, but then I thought ~ hmmm, maybe I'll just run with it.
Isn't it funny how inspiration hits?

I just kept adding little Christmas touches here and there.  Two hours and a couple
of cups of tea later I was finished.

Whoops ~ I need to straighten the coats on my Santas, their trim is
askew ;-)

It's the first bit of Christmas decorating I have done.  Now I feel excited
about the whole idea.  On to the tree next and I am putting David
in charge of the outdoor lights.  I have a plan!

Bentley ~ the guys who delivered our tree thought you 
were really cute :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. It is so cute, Susan! I am glad you are in the spirit now! Wish I was there and we would whip that beautiful home of yours into a Christmas wonderland, in no time! I do know it will look beautiful, when you are finished!
    Love to all!

  2. All looks so pretty ! Great decorating . Oh the tree sounds awesome and I am so glad you two had a great time at your ball and brunch . Bentley is cute for sure . Miggs sends sloppy kisses to you all ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. Love your decorating my grand kids from Euless, TX decorated the outside of my house with garland. I have a small tree up not sure of putting the big tree up get.

  4. Hi Susan. Can you share the manufacturer and pattern name of your different blue and white china? So beautiful! Thanks.

  5. Last year my best friend was going through some tough times emotionally. She came to my house in the beginning of December and saw all of my Christmas decorations. She went home and not only decorated her house, but got out her stained glass materials and made another set of ornaments as she had every other year. Sometimes it just takes a little Christmas spirit to stir up the excitement. Susan, your breakfast hutch has always been my favorite and it is absolutely beautiful after being Christmas-ized!

  6. Your hutch and all of your little vignettes look so great! I know your home would be a wonderful place to celebrate the holidays. Enjoy the season.


  7. I just love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Where is the sugar plum fairy.

  9. So....where is the photo of you and David all gussied up in your finest???!?!??! Inquiring minds want to know! We want a picture! We want a picture! We want a picture! (Am I wearing you down yet?) We want a picture!!!

    I love how your inspiration came about! It IS funny how the smallest gestures can sometimes lead to the most wonderful things! I love the idea AND the look of a sugarplum hutch! Well done!!! I hope your enthusiasm continues!!!


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