Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bacon and Cornbread Salad ~ Yum!

On Sunday we hung around the house all afternoon.  For me it was
a shorts, flip flops, tee shirt and no make-up kind of a day.  I puttered and
fluffed and David ran around the garden on his riding mower.  I watched
a couple of cooking shows on the Food Network on Saturday and Trisha 
Yearwood's recipe for Cornbread Salad with Buttermilk Dressing and 
Maple Bacon caught my eye.  You can find that recipe here.

Well there are two things that David loves ~ bacon and maple syrup,
so I knew I would be making this salad for him.

I love to bake my bacon.  Love the alliteration here and this phrase will
stick in my head all day :-)  What I do is line a baking sheet with parchment
paper and lay the bacon out flat.  Pop it in a preheated 400 degree oven for
about 10 minutes and that's it.  The bacon comes out flat and crispy and there
is no splatter and an easy clean up.  Yummy!

In Trisha's recipe she brushed the bacon with maple syrup and then sprinkled with
brown sugar.  When I baked mine this way I watched it carefully so that the
sugars would not make the bacon burn.  It came out fine.  The only problem I 
had was keeping David away from it until dinner :-)  No worries though ~ he
was a good boy.

I baked some cornbread earlier in the day too.

I used Romaine for the lettuce.  I chopped up some tomatoes even though
I knew David would pick them out ;-)   I made the Buttermilk-Chive 
dressing and kept it in the fridge until dinner time.  I love buttermilk and 
you will always find it in my fridge.  I use it in so many ways.

Here it is.  The cornbread is cubed up like croutons and adds so
much extra flavor to the salad.  Nothing about this salad is low cal, 
but I consider Sundays a "cheat day".  It's the one day a week I eat
anything I want.  I can behave myself and eat nutritious lower calorie
meals on six days a week and then on Sunday I splurge!
And David ~ well he had two helping of salad.  Obviously he 
thought it was a hit.  Oh and don't forget that Buttermilk-Chive
Dressing.  It's the perfect topper!

Y'all have a great day!

BTW ~ Bentley had a couple of bites of bacon too.  
How could I refuse???

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. That looks yummy. I can definitely see that at a tennis girl dinner! xoxo
    Bentley, did Daddy eat it all or did he give you a bite???

  2. Daddy cleaned his plate but Mama saved some bacon for Bentley :-)

  3. My kind of eating. I love crisp bacon, but try not to eat too often. Never tried it this way. Everything sounds so good.

    1. I don't eat bacon very often either, but if you do make it try the baking method. It's the only way I cook it anymore. Of course the maple and brown sugar didn't hurt anything either ;-)

  4. I read about a woman recently who is over 105 years old, and when asked what her secret to a long life was, she replied, ''Bacon every day for breakfast''!! I love bacon, too, not enough to eat it daily, even if I could, but it is one of life's savoury sensations! Thanks for your tasty salad recipe and the beautiful food styling and photography, Susan~!


  5. Thanks for the dietary confirmation Poppy! I gave up drinking Diet Dr Pepper because I thought it might be bad for my health. Then I read that a 104 year old woman here in Texas drinks Dr Pepper every day. Guess what ~ Dr Pepper is back in the fridge :-) Thanks for stopping by Poppy.

  6. Shut the door!!!! You bake bacon (lol) and it comes out flat?!!! I HAVE to try that - I have been doing my bacon in the microwave because I hate frying it! What a mess!!!! Who would ever think to put that combination together?-Well, obviously- Trisha did, I guess. lol I am saving this recipe..now I have a hankering for cornbread!!!! xo Diana

    1. Not only does the bacon come out flat, it comes out crispy without the mess. I won't make it any other way now. Bacon and cornbread are yummy and when you add that Buttermilk-Chive dressing you will be soooo happy!

  7. I love cornbread croutons! Great salad!

  8. I'll have to try your idea of baking the bacon on parchment paper. I LOVE parchment paper! So versatile! The salad looks delicious! You're such a good wife!


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