Monday, April 6, 2015

Gardening Tweaks

When I was up in Round Top this past weekend I found this little Angel Vine.
I had one of these soft feathery vines once before and they charm me.

I put it on the shelf above the potting sink.  I need to find a cute pot for it.

But the big exciting news here on the porch is this latest development ….

Our Gardenia bush has quite a few buds and yesterday afternoon
one of them started to open up!

Here it is.  We are so excited!!!  The fragrance is delightful.

Here is another pic.

The impatiens are blooming.  I bought a hummingbird feeder which
I plan to hang as soon as I go over to our local hardware store and
pick up the right hook.

Tomorrow is my brother-in-law Brian's birthday.  He and Cindy have
several hummingbird feeders on their back porch that overlooks
Lake Travis up in Austin.  Brian keeps all the feeders full of nectar
that he makes himself and the hummingbirds love it.  David and I
had such a great time watching all the hummers when we last
visited Brian and Cindy that we decided to try to entice some 
on our porch too.  I read that hummingbirds like impatiens so I am
 glad that I have several on the porch already.

Well that's it for now.  Stop by tomorrow because I will start posting
the photos I took at Round Top.  I spent the last couple of hours getting
them all ready to share.

Here is a cute little Bentley update.  As y'all know, Bentley's 
best friend Toby lives next door.  Every night when I let Bentley
out for the last time before his bedtime, Bentley runs over to
the fence and says good night to Toby.  They are so cute.
They are BFF's!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Thanks Martina! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. Lovely flowers and that shelf is so cute...the gardenia is lovely as well!

    1. Thanks Deb! Wish you were here to enjoy the fragrance.

  3. Oh- that little fairy-looking vine is beautiful. Don't you LOVE gardenias? When we lived in FL we had them blooming in our yard. When we first moved in our youngest (age 4) picked gardenias and took them to the next door neighbor lady. She walked over and thanked us profusely...what a cute little boy-ya dah-da-da-da-da-da- A while later when we were outside she said, "Your son picked every single gardenia off our new bush" lol At least he gave them to HER!
    Love that Bentley has a friend he says good-night to--how cute is that! xo Diana

  4. I would love to know what kinds of hummingbird feeder he uses. I have tried so many and they just leak all over.

    1. Hi Ceekay ~ I will find out and let you know!

  5. Susan - love that dainty little angel vine. So sweet. Your gardenias are gorgeous and they smell so sweet.


    1. Thanks Judy! I find myself looking for reasons to go out on the back porch when the real reason is I want to enjoy the fragrance :-)

  6. I would love the angel vine in my kitchen. We had a hummingbird trapped in our garage and I had to put a flower at the top of the garage door opening so that it would be drawn to the bright colors of the flower and fly out. They are amazing little creatures!

    1. Aww ~ that's a sweet story. Yes they are amazing and so darn cute too!

  7. I love gardenia scent! One of the loveliest scents in the flower world. That angel vine is just lovely! It says "cottage" to me. I need to dust off our hummingbird feeders. Thanks for making me think about it! How sweet that Bentley says good night to his buddy! So sweet!

  8. I love gardenias, they smell wonderful! So sweet Bently has a friend.


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