Sunday, June 28, 2015

Enduring Friendships

One of the reasons I love antiques is that each piece has a 
history.  Someone once loved and treasured the item and for
whatever reason have now passed it on.  Sometimes a vintage
teapot or creamer is checked and cracked from use.  Other
times the piece is like new, as if it were stored away in a
hutch or cabinet and only brought out on special days.

Or perhaps its an old piece of furniture, nicked and worn in many spots 
from constant use.  Those are the pieces so many of us gravitate towards 
because they hold a special charm.  Sometimes we find new pieces and
try to make them look old, but there is always a certain newness about 
them that only time can adequately embellish.

Some friendships are like that.  I feel so fortunate to have some friends
with whom I have shared the nicks and abuses of life.  Old friends who 
have shared the stages of life with me from elementary school right 
up to today.  We have gone through first boyfriends, college applications,
sorority hazing, marriage, babies and every little twist and turn down
life's path.  Yet there is a special bond that we share that is unbroken
and just seems to become more cherished and dear as the years go by.

Then there are the somewhat newer friends.  There is
not the same history that is shared because we have met
as adults so we create a history together from a different
starting point.  Perhaps we meet in the workplace or we
are neighbors.  We may have been born in different cities
or countries of the world, yet there is some instant 
recognition of heart that draws us together and cements
a bond.  The longer we interact, the stronger that bond

Or perhaps we have not yet met face to face, but have met via
blogging.  We discover that we have the same interests.  We 
quickly make up for lost time by visiting each other's blogs and
then sending emails.  Day by day that bond grows and we
are no longer acquaintances, but friends.  True friends.

The longer I have lived and moved from place to place in this big
wide world, the more friends I have held in my heart.  We are so
lucky to live in a world where the distance in miles between us is
shortened by our instant communication.  It makes it so much 
easier to share special moments in real time despite being so
far away from each other.  

So to me, friendships are a lot like antiques.  We all suffer a few
nicks and scars along the way, but the heart of the friendship is
still there and all the more dear in it's cherished patina.  

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have been so kind to
extend your hand in friendship.  You make my little world a much
happier place and I treasure you.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, I agree. Friendships that span the different places and stages of our lives live on in our hearts no matter the miles that separate us. It is often the same for those friends we've never actually met, but have shared frequent communication with. Here's to friendships!
    I'm glad you have moved back to TX! ;-)

  2. Susan - What a sweet post! I agree that I have become such good friends with so many bloggers that I will probably never meet, but I consider them true friends. You are at the top of that list. The only difference is that I do plan on meeting you some day and not too far off! Friendships are very valued treasures.


  3. What a lovely post, Susan, and so true!


  4. I moved from a state that I lived in for a very long time. Sometimes I think too long. I moved because my son's moved & I missed them too much to have a great distance between us. The state I left was hot & dry. The only thing I left behind that I miss is my 2 dear friends. I was friends with one for a very long time. She lived on my same street & we were friends from the moment we met & we will be friends forever. The other was a blossoming friendship & I am saddened that we had such a short time together. I love the PNW where I now live but I was here almost 4 years before making a new friend. I have a new friend now & for that I am very thankful. I am also thankful for you Susan. I love your blog & I love sharing my heart with you on occasion. If we were neighbors I just know we'd be friends!

  5. Oh yeah. Love that old worn clock and my old worn friends.

  6. Susan- This was one of the sweetest posts I have read anywhere. You are so right-there are so many different levels of friendship. Those that we have had for years---those that have come into our life and left us richer but left us still...those that stick with us through thick and thin...and yet, there are those that leave us when we least expect it.

    I treasure all my friendships because I gained something from every single one of them. This was a GREAT post- xo Diana

  7. If you have one true friend in life, you are truly blessed.

  8. What a lovely post, Susan! There are so many dear friendships, near and far, that enrich my life. Making new friends is always a special gift. Recently retired, I have met several new friends in town who share my new interests. One of the joys in my first year of blogging has been making true friends in faraway places. I'm so happy to have discovered your blog, Susan. We share so many interests. (I recognized you and Bentley from Susan Branch's blog.It's so nice when paths cross again, unexpectedly!) Hugs from Chicagoland!
    ♡Dawn @ Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes


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