Monday, June 8, 2015

Time for a Little Chat

The weekend flew by so fast and now we are headed to Monday
evening.  How did that happen?  

I started working on a project this morning and I had every intention of
sharing it with you, but then realized it won't get done today and really
why am I pushing myself so hard to get it finished?  

Here is a picture of my potting sink that I took a few weeks ago.
My little plant was full of blossoms and brightened up that spot.
Well …. not anymore.  The snails ate it down to the roots.  I was
just sick when I looked at it.  I have not had much luck with any
flowering plants down here.  I think I need to have someone come
over and show me what I am doing wrong.  

Yesterday we went to David's company picnic.  I was talking to the CFO
who lives in Goliad ( a charming town just west of here) on lots of 
acreage.  He told me the wild boars came through and ate all the plants
around his house.  Can you imagine?  I would be so made at them.  I 
don't think I would want to confront them and scold them about it
because they can be pretty mean.  After that discussion, I decided that
I can handle a few snails.  I will have to get tougher and braver to
confront wild boars.

Texas is such a wild place lol!

Did y'all watch the Belmont Stakes to see American Pharaoh
win the Triple Crown?  I thought I was going to jump right out
of my skin!  I think I have told you many, many times by now
how much I love horses.  After the race and all the commentaries
were over I immediately went onto Zillow and started looking
for a some land.  I told David I can't stand it another minute,
I need a horse!  

And David knows that when I set my mind on something, it
usually works out.  Which reminds me, I am planning on writing
a post about my past manifestation successes.  Maybe I can get 
that done by tomorrow, or certainly sometime this week.
I will tell you how it's done and how you can do it too.

Well, that's all the news for now.  I am going to finish cleaning up
my project materials and get in thirty minutes of yoga before I
start making dinner.  I promised Bentley we would have some
fish for dinner and a promise is a promise!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, there are wild hogs all over Texas. Can't remember if I've told you or not but we have land in Centerville, TX which is on I45 halfway between Dallas and Houston. The hogs run through that place and turn the ground over rooting for food. It's amazing what they can do to the land. Ick!! We were in Chicago several years ago when the waiter came and told us the special for the day was East Texas Wild Boar. We just died laughing and told him we'd pass on that.

    Your pictures are so pretty in this post. :)

    1. Those wild boars are really something! I laughed at that menu special the waiter suggested! Thanks for the kind words about the pics on this post. Sometimes, like today, I go through my Picasaweb albums for pics to post. Some of them I had forgotten about. Going through those old albums is like taking a walk down blogging memory lane :-) Hey ~ you're not that far away from me, come on down to Victoria sometime!

    2. I've been through Victoria and I've been to the Christmas home tours in Goliad more than once. My dad lives in Lockhart so he's not terribly far from you. Love that part of Texas because there's just so much rich history.

  2. Glad the weekend is over for you. Anxious to see your latest project.


  3. Good girl doing your yoga. My hubby does it daily for his back. I try to join when I can.

  4. Having lots of snails eating my plants here. I think it's all the rain. '-) Time to get out the bug bait.
    I love yoga, but haven't been faithful with classes since last summer. I need inspiration.

  5. I am having a terrible time with my potted flowers this year, too. Not seeing anything eating on them...they are just up and dying on me. What the heck....
    Loe your pretty photos.....hug Bentley for me, after he eats his fish...:)

  6. Ugh! Snails...slugs...they're awful! I'm tired of the battle, too, Susan. I've tried everything, and it's constant because slugs are all in the yard, so at night they feast on my plantings. With 7-8 acres of yard and pastures surrounding the house, there's no way to rid the entire area. In Northeast Mississippi, we don't have a huge hog population yet, but they've crossed the Mississippi River and are on their way. My husband is looking forward to hog hunting on horseback...such a romantic, that guy! He has visions of fox hunts, but he's in the wrong locale for it. Is hog hunting the Southern version? Ha!


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