Thursday, June 18, 2015

Surviving the Storms

This is the way Tropical Storm Bill looked as it approached Victoria.
Port Lavaca, just 28 miles to the south of us, took the direct hit.  

This was a tropical storm and not a full fledge hurricane, but the only
difference between the two is wind speed.  The rains and the potential
for tornados is much the same.  The last thing anyone needed along the
Texas Gulf Coast was more rain.  We were still recovering from the
Memorial Day weekend floods.

And just two days before Bill paid his visit, we were hit with really heavy
rain.  So when the rain began again on Monday, I was really
concerned.  Bill was still waiting on the sidelines, his arrival
predicted for Tuesday.  When he did arrive, where would all this
new water go???

Early Tuesday morning, David and I moved the patio furniture
and put all the wicker furniture from the back porch away.  
And then we waited.  Well, Bentley and I waited.  David went off
to work.  

This patio was flooded.  Poor Bentley would stand on the porch and
look longingly at his yard.  He doesn't like rain and frankly I didn't 
want him out there at all.  I am aware that snakes come out of their
little dens when it floods.  I have not seen a snake since I have been
here, but my neighbors have.

When Bill first rolled into town, the skies took on that ominous look that
seems to say take cover.  The winds picked up and little branches from the
trees came down, but not much more than that.  We did get a lot of rain
on Tuesday but we were all relieved that it was not worse.

Yet that was not the worst of it ….

Yesterday, although Bill was leaving our area and moving to the north,
a new batch of strong storms developed to the west of us bringing lightning,
thunder and huge downpours that lasted for hours.  The radio and television
blasted out continued flood warnings.  I kept hearing of road closures due
to high water.  All Bentley and I could do was pray for the best.  These
huge downpours just kept coming down hour after hour.  Then the
warnings of more strong thunderstorms that would last through the night.

Last night after we finished dinner and the kitchen was all clean, Bentley and
I braved our partially flooded street in between the raindrops.  I had to 
carry him to some higher ground so that he could do his duty.  We had just
enough time to get back up to the the front porch before the rain began
again.  Once inside, David warned me that strong thunderstorms were
headed our way.  

By this time I knew I had enough.  I washed my face, slapped on a moisturizer,
brushed my teeth and changed into my jammies.  Then I took an over the
counter sleeping aid and told David I was going to bed early.  Bentley
and I snuggled up, I put my eye mask on and slept through the night
like a baby. 

When I awoke at 6:30 this morning, the rain had stopped and the sun
was shining.  The sun has since disappeared, but it was the brief period
of sun that gave me hope and a feeling of joy.  It reminded me that 
things always look better in the morning.

Big Soggy Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Whew! You got it, didn't you! I think your "I've had about enough" plan was a good one. Glad you were able to sleep through it all night. Poor Bentley!

  2. Susan, I was looking at the national weather program this morning and cannot believe how much wet weather you and others are getting now. And, here we sit, worrying that our neighbors will turn us in for trying to keep our plants alive. Why is the world changing so much? It is starting to get really scary but I'm glad you were able to get some sleep..Take care, Judy

  3. It has been raining here for days. Just keeps raining.

  4. So hoping the weather is about to improve and the sun come out. Boy, will it be hot then!!

    Take care.


  5. So many storms your way. We are having storms tonight. Glad you are okay.

  6. Sometimes the storms are so scary and I think you were smart when you went to bed and straight to sleep. I've lived through such storms and they sent huge trees crashing through our roof. I don't think I got a night's sleep when it rained for 2 years after that. Wish i'd have done what you did !

    Good to see you're safe & sound. ( BTW, we could use some of that rain, send it our way please ! )

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    Keep Posting:)

  8. Glad that it's over for you! All that rain and winds and everything that comes along with it is frightening. Seems like we've all had our share of bad weather lately. Hoping the sun comes out today and your yard dries up and that Bentley can once more use his yard!


  9. I sure wish we could take some of that rain off your hands.


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