Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Mystical Vision

On Friday, after finding out my Aunt Susan had just passed away,
I felt such great pain and shed great amounts of tears.  I truly felt that 
my heart, soul and body could not withstand another loss just when 
I had felt the mourning period of the loss of my Mom was coming
to an end.  If ever there was a time when I felt that my very soul was
being ripped out of my body, this was it.  

I cried so hard my body shook uncontrollably.  I kept thinking to 
myself, do I fight against this heartache, or do I just give in and
allow it to engulf me?  I started to believe that if I gave in, I 
would surely die.  

At my very lowest moment, when the pain was so severe and
the choice before me was imminent, I looked before me and had a
vision.  I could see a group of people before me, unrecognizable at 
first, but then their images started to become more clear.  

At first I saw a man, who I recognized from photos, was my
maternal Grandfather.  I had never met him because he died long
before I was born.  Next was my maternal Grandmother who died
when I was quite young, yet I still could make out the image of her
that I remembered.  Then followed three young children who I 
realized were Mary, John and Elinor.  These three were the children
of my grandparents who all passed in their youth.  Then I could 
see my Mom and all of them were welcoming my Aunt to stand with
them.  They all stood in a big group in front of me as if they were
having a family reunion.  They all were saying cheese and smiled
at an invisible camera.  Then suddenly the image just froze.  I felt
a calm come over me.  My body stopped shaking and my tears
started to dry.  Despite my sadness, I knew that I would be okay
and that life would go on and I would make the most of what time
I have left on this earth.  

Then somewhere in the distance I heard a voice whisper to me:

Watch MeGrow

That was my Aunt's motto and I realized the torch was being
passed on to me.  Now it's time for me to carry on that torch
and be the best I can be in their memory.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I absolutely just balled my eyes out, Susan. This vision is profound and spiritual and important and made me hurt for you, and for me losing my parents long ago, and just wow. JUST WOW.

    Watch me grow.

    You go, girlfriend. ♥

    Email me your snail mail please.

  2. Oh such a wonderful and comforting a vision, and a knowing. Bless you.

  3. A vision like that is such a blessing, Susan. I am so sorry for your loss, and so glad you received such loving comfort...xo

  4. Beautiful, can't find any other words. So sorry for your sadness, yet you were blessed to see the vision of your family and know everything is going to be okay. You'll be with them again some day.

  5. God's grace was upon you at that moment. He knows when we need comfort in times of such grief. I, too, have had similar things happen. Peace to you......

  6. Dear Susan,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. How lucky Aunt Susan was to have a sweet, loving niece like you!!!
    When I was walking through your same steps, a trusted friend gave me a beautiful image to cling to. So now, I pass it on also.....
    ~~~Did you ever think ?......that as we stand at the foot of a love ones bed as they are taking their last breath......We are saying, "Oh!! Oh!! she is leaving us, leaving us now, this is it. BUT!!! On the other side, a group of love ones, that have gone on before, are waiting and cheering!!! Saying, "Oh! yeah! Oh! boy! Here she comes!!! Yes! Yes! she's coming now!!!" We are getting all together again!!!~~
    I love this and found it to be comforting....I hope you like it too!! It's hard when it's our time to stay and be without the ones we love is their time to go on.

  7. What a beautiful vision you received, Susan! May it continue to give you the peace it gave you the first time you saw it. My sympathies to you in the loss of your beloved aunt. She must've been quite an amazing person to create such a reaction in you to her passing. God must want you to know that she's happy now and that you'll see her and your other loved ones again. What a comfort!

  8. So sorry for your loss. I hope this comforts you.....i think it will!

  9. I love it. It goes to show love is eternal. It also shows they are all still the loving people they were because they wanted to let you know they are alright so you could move on and "grow!"

  10. My dear sister, you will do a great job of carrying that family torch. You are such a treasure to me! Love and hugs.

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    Keep Posting:)


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