Monday, March 21, 2016

Creating Our Backyard Oasis

Hi y'all!  David and I have begun our backyard oasis projects.
I am painting chairs at the moment.  I have a little bistro set that is
tucked back into the ginger along with a garden statue.  The bistro
set was white,  but I have started to paint the set a soft sage green
so that it blends in a bit more with all the greenery that surrounds it.

Here it is now with the first coat.  Much more subtle and I know I am 
going to like the pieces better now.

We bought new cushions for the patio furniture.  We have an inherited
wrought iron set that includes a settee, two lounge chairs, a coffee table
and two end tables as well as this chaise lounge.  I would show it all to
you right now, but I have to clean off all the pollen that is covering 
the patio.  My yard man came last Thursday and spent over four
hours mowing and raking and fertilizing.  Everything looked so pretty.
Then a big storm blew through that night and once again the patio was
covered with leaves and pollen.  The live oak trees are still shedding,
almost done but not quite.  So I will be hosing everything off.  I
would have done it before today, but we have been having very high
winds up until now.  That's what it's like when you live on the
Gulf Coast.  

We purchased a wall mounted water fountain for a little niche on the patio.
I need to get some big tropicals for either side that will help to cover the electrical
cord.  We hung up those little patio lights that you see at Costco, and Pottery
Barn and Lowes ~ just about everywhere.  They follow the eaves and it
looks really pretty at night.  I also picked up three big Boston ferns to hang
from the porch.  I'll be showing you everything once we get it all put 
together.  We are planning a lot of garden parties at our house this
spring and summer.  The first one will be in a few weeks for our neighbors
who, sadly, will be moving to Houston for a job transfer.  Our 
immediate next door neighbors and David and I will be really sad to
see Chrissie and Raul leave our street.  We have had so many fun
times together.  They will be greatly missed, so we are planning a big
send off.  Houston is only two hours away, and we will still get
together, but it won't be nearly every weekend like it's been for the
last couple of years.  Isn't it sad when you have a great group of
neighbors who really like one another, and someone gets transferred?
That's life I guess.

My headaches are disappearing and my eczema is improving, so 
y'all will be hearing from me more often this week.  Antique Week
up in Round Top will be starting soon, so I'll be covering that
for you too!

PS:  Bentley is losing his girl friend Bella when she moves
to Houston with her family.  I know he will be sad too :(
I have not broken the news to him yet.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan. First let me say I'm glad you are feeling better. Sounds like the treatment you are getting was exactly the right thing.

    I hate it when friends and neighbors move. It hurts! We have done a pretty good job of keeping up with important people in our lives over the years but it definitely takes effort.

    Your patio is going to be amazing. Your yard looks like a beautiful lush jungle already. Things are greening up here but it's kind of cold today. We are going to put in a small pond...that's our big yard project for the year!! :)

    1. I'd love to add a pond, but we have enough possums and raccoons already, so I am afraid that we will just attract more with a pond. Can't wait to see yours!

  2. I love that green too. I want to paint my wrought iron bench like that. Happy Spring dearest, with love Janice

    1. Get a couple of cans of spray paint and you will be good to go!

  3. Ps, love your header, we like the same things ❤️

  4. I loved the white of the bistro chair .... until I scrolled down and saw the green. Great choice!!

    1. I liked them white too, but they just stood out against the ginger. This way, it will look like a secret garden.

  5. Love the green! What a clever idea! Sorry to hear about your neighbors moving but a send off with a garden party will be fun!

  6. Your back yard will truly be an oasis! Love the mint green wrought iron chairs. So sweet,


  7. Beautiful shade of green, I think it will be just perfect. Poor Bentley, sorry he's losing his friend.

    1. We'll just have to find another girl friend for Bentley ;-)

  8. Hi Susan! This is SO pretty! I love the sage.....great look! Glad you are feeling better...hoping for some warmer weather today! Hugs!

    1. I am feeling better, thank you! It's warmer here today, but so windy!!

  9. Susan: here in the piney woods of East Texas we call the season between spring and summer the pollen season. We have to wait until the end of April to power wash the house, porch and furniture. Oh, sure I could wipe it off every day. NOT!

    1. Everything is covered here too. I was going to hose down the patio today, but it's very windy again, so what's the point?


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