Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fun Ideas for Decorating

If you recall, I recently wrote a post about how I wanted to clean off
the book stack in my studio.  It was filled with fabric and painting 
supplies.  Well, I moved all of those items to the closet and now have
a newly open and cleaner look.

A shelf filled with soft pinks and greens.  Springtime colors that always
make me feel free and happy.  One shelf is still full of my miniatures.
A spot filled with a kitchen and a cozy sitting area.  I have been
thinking about adding some more miniatures.  Once I got started, I
just became addicted.  So I thought about what I would like to add.
What type of room would I like to decorate.

And then it dawned on me ….

A baby nursery!  I found a precious white canopy crib and
it is on it's way to Texas from Florida.  I can hardly wait!!

I had so much fun decorating the shelves in the miniature sitting area.
I even made a few of my own mini books.  Just imagine how
much fun it will be to fill a bookcase in a nursery full of tiny
toys and stuffed animals and mini books!

I have even found some miniature nursery dishes.  Everything just has
to trickle in, so it makes it hard to wait.  Yet, that's what happens in
a full size house too, we just add to the decor as the budget allows.

Miniatures have fascinated me since I was a little girl.  It's like slipping
into a dream world.

A world that takes us away from the troubles of the big world.

I hope that you will have as much fun watching this all evolve
as I will creating it.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Can't wait to see the nursery! I have loved miniatures since childhood, too. You are such an inspiration, Susan!

  2. This post brings back sweet memories of my grandmother! She adored miniatures, and had collections all over her house. They fascinated me as a little girl. And miniatures always sold well in my booths at the antique malls! Your collection is delightful! :) ~Rhonda

  3. Replies
    1. Very well thank you! I have finished chapter one and am onto chapter two. It's a labor of love.

  4. This is so sweet! I found you via Wow Us Wednesdays! Have a lovely week :)

  5. Can't wait to see the nursery. Your shelf looks so pretty all decked out.

  6. I just love how much YOU love playing....I hope you never, ever grow up.....slipping into your miniature world will keep you young forever...just like Never Never Land. :)
    Your shelf looks adorable....and I always love seeing your profile picture...reminds me of when we were young...*heavy sigh........Hello, Bentley....xoxo

    1. I never, ever have grown up. I have to be a sensible adult sometimes, but not ALL the time ;-)

  7. It's so charming...I can't wait to see what you do!

  8. Oh I cannot WAIT to see the nursery. I am in love with all your pink. Make sure you link this gem up tomorrow. :)

    1. Thanks Laura! I am working on a miniature potting shed interior too for my full size potting shed. Never enough hours in the day ;-)

  9. Love it. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  10. So charming. Love the shelf and I look forward to seeing the nursery. Love the pink!! Blessings xo

  11. What a charm, my sweet Susan !
    Thank you for sharing the loveliness of your home in your wonderful photographs !
    May your weekend be blessed with love


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