Monday, March 14, 2016

Susie Gets Cozy

I  have been away from this blog for several days now, and I will tell
you why….  I am a worrier.  I am one of those personalities who can
worry at the drop of a hat.  If there isn't something to worry about, I 
will find something.  I wasn't always this way, but I have been worrying
for the past couple of years about things I have no control over, and 
since I can't resolve them, it's a vicious circle.  

I can worry so much that I make myself ill.  I started to get
headaches recently, which is totally unlike me.  The kind of headaches
that just make me want to stay in bed and keep the room really

So this morning I had a long chat with myself.  Yes, I have to
get stern with myself sometimes to get some results.  I told
myself to stop it!  Stop worrying about the things I can't control.
It's useless.  I am just making myself miserable and it's no fun
for David or Bentley either.  

It's time to throw caution to the wind and start living large!
And guess what ~ my headache is gone!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, I understand. So many things have changed for me lately and I've had so much stress and worry. But enough I say! Lets get positive and enjoy the Spring!

  2. Hi Susan,

    I too have been worrying about things beyond my control to the point it was becoming irrational. Found out
    I had hormonal imbalances and I am now using bio-identical hormones and adrenal support vitamins. I cannot
    tell you how much I better I feel. I was having panic attacks two months ago and now I sleep through the night and feel normal again. It may not be your issue, but it's a thought that could be worth a try. I enjoy your column tremendously!

    1. FYI-I am NOT selling anything. I am just sharing my experience with others because I have been helped so much.

  3. Way to go Susan! Get out of that bed and start living. Don't worry, be happy! Honestly, I'm a worrier too and I found the Serenity prayer always helped me. I used to carry it on a little card that I always kept close. I also go to Isaiah 41:10, I go there often. Glad you had that talk with yourself!!

  4. Sweet Susan - It's so easy to get down and out and to worry ourselves into a tizzy. I have written in my Bible "To worry is an insult to God' and I try so hard to remember that when I let things get the best of me. Praying for you dear friend. Enjoy this beautiful Spring weather.


  5. It's good to adopt the attitude of not worrying about things out of our control, but it's not always that easy. I tend to worry about things too. Glad your headaches are gone. That is worrisome in and of itself. '-)
    Take care and enjoy the week.

  6. Susan . . . I am rather "obsessive" when I worry or fret over something and I've learned that I can't seem to stop worrying/fretting, but I CAN distract myself and force myself to begin to switch to obsessing about a "happier problem". For example, I can force myself to obsess about all the details of an upcoming project, hobby or a party I'm planning. I still obsess, but it's about things that I can actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT.

  7. Susan,
    First of all, I love your blog. Not having a blog, I've never commented before. However, this hit so close to home I must comment. I too am a worrier and I used to say if I did not have anything to worry about, then I would worry about that! I do believe I've improved, but I still tend to get stuck on a worry.

  8. Oh honey. What a sweet heart felt post. You did a wonderful adding the beautiful photo's to your words. I know it is so frustrating when you worry. I can do that too. I have to be careful.
    I'm so glad your feeling better. I'll pray for you! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  9. Susan, I go through spells like that too. Worry can be so overwhelming but it's such a waste of life. Too bad we can't just flip a switch and make it stop! This sounds corny, but sometimes I say a little prayer and then imagine myself just putting that worry aside. It helps. :)


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