Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fed Up With Politicians and Phonies

Did you ever wake up in the morning and decide that the world around
you is too filled with liars and schemers and nastiness that it causes you
to barricade yourself in your safe and sane cozy nest?

That's how I felt when I woke up this morning.  I was thinking about a
blog post.  I thought about writing something sweet and cheerful, but
given the current political and social climate, I felt too overwhelmed by
all the negativity surrounding me to come up with a post that would be
all sunshine and lollipops.

I knew it was time for a major catharsis because I am up to my ears
in this type of unwelcome behavior.  So, if you are not ready for a
rant, leave this post right now and come back tomorrow when I am
in a happier mood.

Let me clear the decks by saying that I am an Independent.  I am not 
a member of either of the two major political parties, nor do I desire to
be because they both equally disgust me.  It's been a very long time 
since I had any faith in politicians.  

I grew up in an idyllic village of suburban Chicago along the shores
of Lake Michigan.  It was and still is the type of town that is associated
with pretty homes, green lawns, and a nuclear family with a dog.  The
American dream.  But, not too far from our family's little utopia was
the "big shouldered" and tough city of Chicago.  A city well known for
it's corruption and gangster style politics.  So once I ventured out of our
snug little home, and into the real world, I was introduced to the rougher 
side of life.  I was saddened by what I discovered in my beloved city of
Chicago, and I still am.

But, not being content to remain forever in the Chicago area,  I felt the need
to get out into the world and explore and explore I did.  What I discovered, is that there
are both good and bad people everywhere.  I do not agree with those who insist on
painting America as the greedy and selfish nation and we are the villains of world
altercations.  There are plenty of villains in foreign lands too.  Life is not as black
and white as some would have us believe.

Greed and selfishness abound in all lands.  Wherever you go, you will find those
who want the whole pie for themselves and will keep you from getting a slice.
So how do they do this?

Those in power create laws to keep the citizens in line.  Do they uphold those laws?
Most often they do not.  They consider themselves above the law.

Lobbyists and special interest groups push their own agendas.  Are these
agendas for the majority's good?  No, not often.  Primarily these agendas
are pushed to line their own pockets without thought of the well being and
or livelihood of others.  There is so much behind the scenes wheeling and
dealing in Washington that it's hard to have faith in anyone.

It is not surprising to me, that this election year has seen a backlash of
voters fed up with both parties.  I am not a socialist, so I could not get
behind Bernie Sander's campaign, but God bless him for speaking for
others and stepping outside of the box.

I don't know how to begin to fix this mess because it is so pervasive.
However, I do have some ideas for beginning to unravel the current

First ~ Term Limits.  The longer one is in Washington, the more 
there is the potential for corruption.  I did spend a period of my life
working for a politician's re-election, and learned this truth first hand.
They leave their home states with all kinds of goals and promises to 
their constituents and then those promises are pushed aside.  The longer
they are in Washington, the more tainted they become.  

Second ~ reject political dynasties.  Our nation fought for it's freedom
from England.  Did we establish a monarchy?  No, we did not.  So
why are we mimicking a monarchy by exhaulting familial politicians?
I'm not naming names ~ we all know who they are.

Third ~ forcing politicians to uphold the voice of the people.  If
a candidate wins the majority vote, that vote must be upheld.  I 
don't care if the "powers that be" like or dislike a candidate, that
may be their opinion, but it's not their right.  If we let them get 
away with that, they will trot out some old war horse who they
consider a good candidate because it's owed to them for their
time spent in the political party.  Politicians are NOT owed anything!
They are paid to serve only.

That just scrapes the surface of my attitude toward politicians.
Trust me, there is much more, but I won't bore you with that.
However, my blog post title is ~ Fed Up With Politicians and

So what about the phonies?  Why are they grating my nerves today?
Here is my second rant ....

Fed Up With Phonies

We all have met them.  They are the ones who preach to others on a
myriad of topics, but don't practice what they preach.  They are the
ones who will willingly and repeatedly break laws and then have
the audacity to critique others.  All I can say to someone like that is
shame on you.  

I have no respect for someone who breaks laws and puts others in
harm's way by their actions.  It is selfish, dangerous, immature,
and unprofessional.

For those of you who stayed with me through this post ~ I thank you!
I feel so much better now that I have spoken my mind.  Any time you need to
do the same, I am here to listen.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Darling, well said, and I agree with everything you've said here! What a shame our nation has become. We need the one and only God back in schools and government and if that offends others they should get over it because the one and only God is whom our nation was founded. My rant! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Take a deep breath - breathe in and breathe out! The sad thing about the political ado going on is that there is really nothing we can do to correct it. Sad, but true. If the people we elect to go to congress don't represent us and our best interests, what do we have left? Not much I am finding out.

    Remember, breathe!! LOL


  3. Oh Susan, I totally agree with everything you've said!!! They all disgust me! It seems like I hear from so many people who feel exactly as you do (and my husband and I feel the same) yet these corrupt people continue to get elected and re-elected. They're ruining our country and it frightens me and makes me angry. I agree with what Shelia said about our country turning back to God, before it's too late.

    Thanks for speaking your mind!



  4. I am definitely for the term limits. :)
    xo Laura

    1. I think it's the only way to bring new ideas, perspectives and enthusiasm into government.

  5. I hear you. The current state of affairs is ridiculous.

  6. Term limits! It would work if enough people wanted to do the job. I have wanted to speak out too but have never done so. I remain silent. You have more nerve than I do. To each his own I say! I have dear, close and beloved friends that are on a different page than I well as grown grand kids etc. I just want peace in my old age. If I even live to see the next President live out his or her term, I will be lucky? Then again, maybe not! LOL
    Bentley is good? Mele is good too! :)

    1. I also have friends and family who feel differently than I. I never discuss politics with them because we just end up arguing. But sometimes, I just can't hold back any longer and feel the need to express myself! Bentley is great and I am glad Mele is too. Too bad we don't live closer to each other and we could chat while our dogs play!

  7. Some good ideas, well presented- Ever think of running for office?

    (just kidding) ;P

    1. When I was living in Idaho I became very involved in politics. I really loved it and worked for several candidates. I was good at fund raising and could have risen up the ranks if I wanted. However, the more I learned about how politics works behind the scenes, the less I liked it. I just didn't have the stomach for it and dropped out.

  8. Well said Susan! Where did all the good people go? It is often said my parents generation was the "greatest!" I agree. We saw our parents have a strong work ethic. They held pride in what they accomplished. We knew our neighbors. Once you fall to a level in society of what we see in Washington, in the media and our big cities..there is no rising back to the top. I no longer recognize the values that we once held so dear....the thought of current poiitical candidates running our country is just beyond frightening. Hold precious our Constitution.....

  9. I believe there has always been a degree of corruption in politics. It's a nasty business. What frightens me is the deliberate dumbing down of our society and the creation of a nanny state. It's easier to control people when they are uninformed. What's that phrase? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, or something like that.

  10. I think so many of us agree with you Susan. The lack of good choices is scary. We should pray that good, Godly people run for office.

  11. Everything you stated in this post, I agree with 100%. My husband and I have talked more times than I can count, on Term limits for those in government, and "families" that seem to think they are above us all. I cannot believe how corrupt some can be, and still run for president of America. I pray my vote will be counted.

  12. Very insightful post and eloquently written! Agree with you... what a mess we are facing! ~Rhonda

  13. Well said Susan. I, too, lived in Chicago suburbs for 26 years and have seen what the career politicians have done to our country. It is sickening watching the constant lying, corruption and lack of morals in Washington DC and the current administration. The worst is placing themselves above the law of the land. Term limits will help so will not allowing congress to make laws exempting themselves.


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