Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pick A Chair

Summer reading is in full swing at our house, and I am sharing my favorite
spots to curl up with a good book.

This is in our guest room.  This room has four Southern style floor to almost
ceiling, windows plus a french door that leads out to the patio.  It is light
and bright and has such a happy feel to it.  It's the perfect spot to start a 
summer read.

At the moment, I am reading Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe.
It is about three granddaughters who have been invited to spend three
months with their grandmother at her summer cottage on Sullivan's 
Island, South Carolina.  So far, I am enjoying it.

This is the chair in my office.  It's not very often you will find me here
because you know who (a certain little five pound Yorkie) has claimed
this chair as his own :-)  Bentley, have you checked your weight lately?
You eat so many treats we might have to cool it.

This is a cozy spot for reading, especially in the winter when the 
fireplace next to this chair is aglow.  This is in the living room, another
room in the house with the Southern style windows that go down to
the floor.  Bentley loves this room because the windows are just
perfect for him to watch for cats that may invade our property.  
The cats in the neighborhood just love to tease him and get him
all riled up ;-)

This is David's big red leather chair.  I love this chair because it 
swallows me up and is so cozy.  It's in our family room.

This is another great place for reading.  It's in the "library" portion of
our family room and it's also a very cozy spot.

This spot in the master bedroom is also nice for reading, especially in the
morning when the sun is coming in from the east.  Now, during the 
summer, I have to keep the drapes closed in the afternoon because this 
is a southern exposure and the Texas sun is so hot streaming in through
those lovely floor to ceiling windows.  In the winter ~ it's great.

And then there is this spot.  I love this chair that once belonged to my
mother-in-law.  It's a great spot to read and take notes, write a letter,
or do a crossword puzzle.  We are crossword puzzle crazy at our house!
David and I both like the crossword each day.  David does the quick quip 
and I love Sudoku.  

David went to his acupuncturist last week and he told her that he just
had a birthday, and she said "oh, you are a Cancer."  And David said,
yes, and my wife's birthday is two days after mine, to which she
replied "oh, she's a Cancer too.  You two are home bodies.  You
love to be at home.  You like the same things.  You like everything
to be the same all the time."  To which, David said, yes that's true,
we just got back from spending the 4th of July up at Barton Creek
Resort in Austin.  It's our third 4th of July staying there and we even 
request the same room every time.

The acupuncturist laughed and laughed and said ~ "See I told you,
always the same thing!"

But we are not boring ~ honest we're not ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Love all of your great reading spots!! That red leather chair is gorgeous and looks like you would just sink into it. Have a great day!


  2. I just love your style and all of your beautiful chairs!!

    We are homebodies too. We just had a meeting with the financial guy and he asked what we want to do when we retire. Well I can tell you we sure aren't exotic vacationers!!

  3. So many lovely chairs!! My favorite is the red leather chair!! Nothing like the color red!!


  4. I took your suggestion and got the house on first street and enjoyed it very much. Thanks.

  5. Every chair would call out to me - lovely!


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