Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's Way Too Hot Today!

It's too hot to sit out on the porch swing with a glass of iced tea!

And it's even too hot to drive down to the beach!

We have a heat advisory index of 105 to 109 degrees.  

So Bentley and I will be staying inside in the cool family room, reading, napping
in David's big leather chair and watching a movie too.

Look at Bentley ~ he always makes a hammock out of the pillows on 
the sofa.  If I decide to make some popcorn, his little head will pop up
in a flash :-)

And speaking of pillows ....  I am in the mood to watch Pillow Talk with
Rock Hudson and Doris Day.  Want to join us?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Sounds like you and Bentley are all set for the afternoon. That ice tea looks really good. We have had some really hot weather also - up to 105 too.

    Relax, have popcorn and enjoy your movie.


  2. Susan, it sounds like a fun day to me! It is hot in Alabama, also but not that hot! Pam @ Everyday Living

  3. Every single word is true and is very well spoken. Thank you.

  4. Adoro Doris Day e amo esse filme !!

  5. Adoro Doris Day e amo esse filme !!

  6. It's way to cold here want to send us some heat.

  7. Not that bad here in Austin. I even got in a few hours of gardening this morning and a nice walk this evening. It's been breezy here all day which made it very nice. AC, ice tea, and a good movie sound like a great plan, Susan. '-)

  8. It's been miserable here too. Today's heat index was 116 degrees. YUCK! Stay cool.


  9. That is hot..its in the low 90's here and I can't take it. We've been getting up at 6 to spend early time in the garden before we head in doors. Bentley is so cool in the pillow, our Ginger would not fit. I love Pillow talk and Doris was one of my favorite movies...

  10. I think it would be fun to join you and Bentley to watch Pillow Talk. That red leather chair is a beauty, I must say.


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