Saturday, October 29, 2016

Andrew the Little Lost Puppy

Last night, while taking Bentley for his nightly walk, a little puppy
who was hiding under a bush, came running out crying and hanging
onto my leg.  I picked up Bentley and then called David on my cell
to come pick us up and take us home.  We fed him and gave him
some water and then lots of loving.  He was scared and was in 
need of some tenderness.  

After I was certain that he was calm, I put him out in the garage
in an unused dog bed.  He was content just to be safe and fell

I have named him Andrew.  We think he is mostly pit bull and about 8 to 10
weeks old.  He is very sweet and quite calm.  This morning I taught him to 
come when called and not to jump up on people.  He is a fast learner.  

I don't know that we will keep him.  Bentley will be 11 in December and
he is our first priority.  I will do everything possible to ensure that Andrew
will find a good and loving home.  He deserves one!

If anyone in Texas wants a darling dog like Andrew, please contact me.
He will make someone a wonderful companion.  So sweet and so eager
to be a family member.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley and our foster dog Andrew


  1. I wish I was closer, I would take him in a heartbeat?

  2. Isn't that the cutest puppy! Consider keeping him...I have an older cat ( then7 )and said I would not get another because she was too old. Otto now (4) has added years to our older cat Aggie. She is a bit of a bully and when he walks by she will bit his back legs he just stops and looks at her. He is such a gentleman and grateful for his rescue . They run through the house playing until she has had enough. My daughter fosters bully breeds, with the right owners they are wonderful loving dogs. You and David seem like perfect owners, and you have named him......

  3. oh how cute--thanks for taking him in--maybe he just got out at a neighbors house and his owners are looking for him--give him a hug for me--along with Bentley--
    love and laughter, di

  4. Awe you just have to keep him. You've named's. This is how we adopted our sweetheart Buffy. My sis went to her mailbox and a white dog ran up to her and nuzzled her leg. As a foster mom of course she had to take her in and after a couple months of trying to find her owners to no avail I took her and can't imagine what I did without her. My sis named her Buffy after the little girl on Family Affair because her ears looked like two pigtails. She turned out the be a lhasa apso about two years old. Personality of a shih tzu. She has been my baby girl for 6 years now. Please give it a lot of thought about Andrew. thanks ~ carol

  5. I still there a lost and found pet organization that you can post to and request proof of ownership? We have a fabulous one in our area in Pennsylvania? Someone may be heartbroken over losing him.

  6. Oh Susan he is just adorable. Love his coloring and markings. Maybe you should check with your police or animal control first to see if someone is missing this little guy. He is adorable I know you will have no problem finding him a home.

  7. He is a sweetie and might add some bounce to Bentley's days, if you keep him.

  8. I hope you keep him so sad I loss one my 3 week a go and we miss her so much she was our life she was rescue and she was the must sweet dog today she is in the other side of the rainbow bridge . 🙏🌈
    He can to your life for some reason keep him
    Be bless for what you and HB and Bentley did
    Last night

  9. OMGOSH--Isn't he the cutest little thing ever? I feel so bad that someone would dump him....or however he got there. Poor pup. He sure found the right place when he found your home. xo Diana

  10. Susan, thank you for doing that! I hope you can find the right home for him. Our animal shelter is a No Kill Shelter...maybe yours is too. Our shelter uses social media like crazy and is really successful at finding homes for just about every dog or cat.

  11. Oh Susan you have to keep him. He is so cute and he seems to love you all. I know that Bentley loves him already. Check to be sure he's not lost and his family is looking for him.


  12. Hes absolutely adorable and a great age to train.......I would keep him!!

  13. Before deciding to keep him or being in a hurry to give him away, look at your title. He's a lost puppy. Someone else may be missing him and worrying about him like crazy. I would call the shelter and the local vets and ask if anyone is looking for a puppy that looks like him. Vets will usually scan a dog to see if they have a microchip for free. Or you could put up a "Found dog" sign around the area including the shelter and vet's office.

    I do understand that is work on your part, once you've lost a dog like I have and you know the desperation of trying to find them and the sheer grief of not knowing where they are, you hope that other people will do the right thing and try everything they can to help you find your dog again.

    My cousin lost his dog and about the time he was going to give up, he found a "found dog" sign about 3 miles from his house. Sure enough it was his dog. He never would have dreamed his dog could even get that far, so he hadn't looked that far out. Turns out the people had his dog since the first day it was missing and had actively been looking for her owner the whole time because they knew someone had to be missing her. Turns out they did have a back up plan of giving her to a neighbor in just a few days, so they were glad my cousin saw the sign when he did so it turned out to be a happy ending.

    He is a real cutie and I'm sure after you are sure he won't be claimed by his owner, you'll have no trouble finding someone who would love to have him.

  14. He is a cutie. How is Bentley taking to him? Keep us posted.

  15. Aw, what a cutie! I hope you can find his owners or a new home for him.


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