Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Cure for Election Anxiety

I don't know about you, but I am thoroughly exhausted from all the
election coverage, infighting, name calling and what my Mom 
would have called a lack of decorum.

I refuse to read any more news coverage, watch any news programs,
nor engage in any political arguments.  Constant reviewing of the polls 
and listening to the shouting matches and wiki leaks had frazzled my
nerves and when I could hear myself shouting at the TV ~ I 
realized that I had enough!

I am not listening to the news while eating my morning oatmeal.
When I bring in the morning paper, I skip the headlines and head
right for the crossword and Sudoku.  

I only play music I love on my phone or on CD.  I have pulled out
my collection of funny old sitcoms and fun movies I love.  If it's not
a comedy, it's not happening at our house right now.

World War III could have started, but there is no clue of any
turmoil in this house.  We are in the No Spin Zone ~ and I am
loving the peace!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Not having a blog of my own, I have never commented before. However, I follow your blog and thoroughly enjoy it. My name is also Susan, I am married with no children of my own, and also have a little dog (a Chihuahua) I adore. Anyway, i just had to comment and tell you I could not agree more. I know I am not alone in feeling stress from this election, especially the media coverage. I smiled reading your post today. Enjoy your peace.

  2. No kindness, humility or honesty on anyone's part..I agree! Let's just use our time visiting lovely yours.

  3. No kindness, humility or honesty on anyone's part..I agree! Let's just use our time visiting lovely yours.

  4. I've been reading a lot, watching hallmark mystery movies, and the Cubbies play baseball. I'm with you, Susan...I can't take much more of the nonsense.

  5. I only watch one hour of TV. Wheel of Fortune or Pricew Is Right. Move over and I will join you for old movie and coffee.

  6. I live on the other side of the world and I'm sick of your election.

  7. I agree with you. I was so stressed by all of the election mess I took two days off. No radio, chanels changed on TV, and any other exposure. I felt so peaceful. Got answers to other things in my life. I am now doing a lot of home redecorating including painting. I feel more sane and creative.

  8. As I sit here writing my sweet husband is watching the debate. my reaction. I haven't been able to skip one single Blood Pressure Pill. :( I need to go to the next room and put on my earbuds. Some soft music sounds nice.

  9. Hi, even here in Australia we have had the Trump/Clinton debates on TV and Yes we have watched all 3 debates...there is concern around the World about who will win.....we are so so lucky here, as our Federal Election runs for between 4 to 8 weeks.....A lot less money involved and a lot less stress for us the media sounds like a great investment in your sanity.

  10. I keep watching the news because this is tooo important of an election to turn away from me. I am tired of the hatred of this election, lies and dishonesty. But, for me, too much is at stake. Less than 3 weeks and it will be over, depending who gets in.

  11. Spot on! I watch Australian TV on Hulu, read, go to the Y or estate sales or work on a project. It is also good to visit blogs and websites we like, too. The husband watches it all, but I have not watched ANY. My son lives and works right now in Beijing, and he says our election is what everyone talks about. I am so afraid that our country is descending into total anarchy. Something needs to be done on a national level to limit the (1) time spent campaigning and (2) the amount of money spent on said campaigns.

  12. "World War III could have started, but there is no clue of any turmoil in this house."

    I am with you, Susan. This one has gone on a bit too long. Should have held voting in early September or so! Seems like it has lasted gor years...oh, it has.


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