Monday, November 28, 2016

Back From Our Mini Vacation

David, Bentley and I headed to Austin over the weekend to
spend our Thanksgiving at Barton Creek Resort.  We left
on Wednesday evening. We arrived to a very festive and 
packed resort which really made the occasion so exciting.

The resort put on a huge Thanksgiving afternoon brunch
with great food, great music and lots of champagne.   We
enjoyed all of it knowing that afterwards we didn't have to
drive anywhere.

Bentley enjoyed a turkey dinner up in our room and a long walk
following his feast.  There were quite a few other dogs at the 
resort and Bentley had fun meeting them on our many walks.
He is just so sweet with everyone he meets, even other dogs,
and I never have to worry about taking him anywhere.

Austin is such a fun city and we had fun joining other
Black Friday shoppers.  I picked up a few extra ornaments at
Pottery Barn.  They have such a big focus on tartan this
year and I just couldn't resist.  Every year I keep saying that
I won't buy any new Christmas decorations, and every year
I weaken.  Does that happen to you?

When we returned home last night, we checked our bedroom to 
see if the mouse was caught.  He had been in my closet.  We knew
this for sure based on two signs.  First of all, I left an empty Coke
bottle with some peanut butter inside.  The bottle was empty and
there were mouse droppings inside.  Then the one bait box that
was left on the closet floor was moved from the wall and pushed
out to the middle of the closet, so he went for the bait.  The sticky
traps were left undisturbed.  According to what I have read, the
bait takes anywhere from four to six days to kill the mouse, and 
since I don't see him anywhere, I don't know if he is in fact dead.
So now, I wait and in the meantime, I spent last night sleeping in
my studio.  

On a very sad note, I am afraid that my iMac desktop has died.
With Christmas coming,  that will be my present.  I can't remember
when I bought that Mac, but it's been quite a while.  For now, I
am using my Macbook Pro.  I am missing my laptop with it's 
27 inch screen, but I will muddle through for the time being.

Tonight we have our meeting with the police department to
discuss setting up a new neighborhood watch program after
the recent break-ins.  Some of our neighbors are talking about
hiring an off duty cop to patrol regularly.  I am glad that our
new security system is working well now.  We had a few
glitches, but it's all functioning properly now.  I am looking
forward to rodent free, burglar free days ahead!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. That sounds like fun-to go to the resort for dinner-and how nice that Bentley could go, too! Not a lot of resorts will let you take pets no matter how well behaved they are-so that is great! I did buy just a couple of new things this year after promising myself I wouldn't I only break promises to myself-not to others.
    Have a wonderful evening, Susan. xo Diana

  2. What a great idea to go to a resort for a holiday!! Hope that mouse gets caught and is gone gone gone!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place. SO glad you had such a lovely time. Hope the mouse is gone. I definitely cannot live with any kind of rodent in the house. xo Laura

  4. Nice to hear your mini vacation was wonderful for all. After the huge Thanksgiving dinner I prepared for family I am thinking that I need a mini vacation too! It is always so nice to get together with family but by the end of the evening I am feeling anything but refreshed or relaxed.

    I sometimes wonder how those little critters find their way into our homes when we have worked so hard to make it air tight. We had two recently and it was awhile before I realized we had visitors. I thought I heard something one night in my closet. When I said something to my adult grandson living with us he said it and been in his room too. Set traps and finally caught one. The final straw was when I walked into the kitchen on evening and it ran across my range. I set the trap and caught it within a couple of minutes. I never leave food out so didn't think it would be in the kitchen. My husband looked into the lower cabinet where the gas line to the range comes into the house and he realized that was where they were coming in. He sealed around the gas line and we have not had anymore visitors.

    I love you candy tree. Did you buy it or make it? Jill

  5. Here's to a Merry Christmas sans rodents and robbers. Your trip sounded like fun. We are planning a mini-trip to Williamsburg and can't wait.

  6. I was looking on the Barton Creek site to find their pet policy but couldn't find one. Are there restrictions?


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