Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Uninvited for Thanksgiving Dinner

The election earlier this month has created quite a bit of
friction between the supporters of the winning candidate and 
the ones who supported the loser.  Of all the elections I have
witnessed in my lifetime, this one has created the biggest
rift not only between the voters, but between family members
as well.

I have refrained from discussing the results and am not
focusing on them here.  I am however, concerned about the
nasty, snarky comments that are being written on Facebook
between friends and sadly, between family members.

It's often been said that the discussion of politics and or
religion is best avoided in social situations.  From what I
have read on Facebook, that is a concept that is not
currently being followed.  I have read some very nasty,
snarky comments between people who are supposed to be
friends.  There has been a great deal of name calling and
belittling of those who voted for the "wrong" candidate, 
whoever that may have been.

This behavior has not been limited to Facebook.  Families are being
torn apart by this election as well.  I recently read about a mother who
uninvited her own child to Thanksgiving dinner because this adult child
voted for the "wrong" candidate.

I don't have much of a family any longer.  My parents are both gone now
and my beloved Aunt Susan died last year too.  I have some cousins, but
with the exception of one, I do not hear much from them.  I am fine, and
not asking for your sympathy because I have a loving husband and a very
good marriage, a dog we both adore, very good friends and especially my
adopted "sister" Robin Carr who fills my heart with joy.  I feel blessed to
have so much love in my life.  That being said, when family members
have passed on, there is a void in your life that cannot be replaced. 
Please consider that tomorrow.  Don't disinvite anyone to share your
holiday feast because their political views differ from your own.  Let
the holidays be a time for making happy memories, not tearful ones.

We are fortunate to live in a nation that allows freedom of speech and
the opportunity to choose our leaders.  Please embrace this idea and
allow for some tolerance.  Don't allow an empty seat at your 
Thanksgiving table become a regret.

Some years back, while my parents were still alive, they had a 
neighbor who they liked very much despite the fact that they had
very different political views.   This woman always spent 
Thanksgiving alone until we found out she did so.  Since I always
hosted the dinner at my house, I decided to invite her to our
holiday feast and included her with our family and friends.  We
did this for many years.  She always brought the most delicious
pie in a sweet basket and my parents would pick her up and
drive her to our home.  For one day, we would put politics
aside and focus on what we shared in common.  Jeanne was
a beloved friend of us all and when she passed away we were all
deeply saddened.  

Family and extended family are precious.  Life is fragile.
Please don't let politics cut the ties that bind.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving 
filled with good food, and most importantly, good memories.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! Yes, the election has left its mark on many a relationship. I'm like you and do not let political differences affect how I treat others. It's best to leave that aside and focus on what we have in common. If only all of us could do this! May our nation heal. May our families stick together!

  2. happy Thanksgiving dear blog friend--
    I am thankful for blog sites and blog friends--
    and I leave politics to others--now that the election is over--
    time to move on and smell the flowers and eat some delicious turkey and the fixings--
    love, laughter, blessings, di

  3. I agree but this is the first election in my 40 + years of voting when you looked at others in a different light. In previous elections it was just ok you voted for a different candidate. Now I look at some family members and think what do they really support? But we will not talk politics at Thanksgiving I hope. Enjoy your day.

  4. Thank you for sharing your timely post with us. I too have been saddened and dismayed but what I have seen on social media, so much anger and hatred. I agree whole heartedly that this is a time to put politics and religion aside and to embrace each other with love and kindness. I would never consider not inviting someone because of their political views, within my own family we had folks who voted for both candidates. The beauty of this great nation is that we are free to vote as we wish. That being said I intend to enjoy the holidays with those I hold dear, sadly over the years I too have lost loved ones and understand the need for forgiveness now more than ever. Thank you again for sharing your kind thoughts. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Love your cozy little bed, Susan, especially the chenille bedspread (I have two from my childhood which I treasure). I really wish I would have found your blog sooner. My daughter lived in San Antonio for 5 1/2 years while in grad school at UTSAHSA and would have loved to have met you somewhere in between SA and Victoria. She now lives in Cincinnati which is much closer to home in PA and we can drive there in a day. I wish you, your husband, and Bentley a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan. Family is precious, that's for sure.

  7. Well said, Susan! Our family is scattered from coast to coast and my husband and I will celebrate Thanksgiving, not alone, but together. We just picked up a new little rescue yorkie a few hours ago and think we will be busy adjusting to the new member and helping our Dixie yorkie make friends with our new Maggie yorkie. It isn't happening now. They are in a battle of who can whiz in the others bed faster. I'll be washing bedding constantly for a while, I think. haha Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Sad, isn't it? It's not only politics that tear people about not apologizing or finding fault or unforgiveness? I've seen each thing happen in family situations and it's sad. You never know how long you'll have someone. So much better to let it go and learn to enjoy being together. My wish for the holidays is for healing for families. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Beautifully said, Susan. Happy Thanksgiving to you, David, and Bentely.

  10. I think everyone who has read your blog should print it out & hand it to their family members tomorrow at dinner. God Bless you & Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. Beautiful story and well said, thank you for your wise words! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Beautifully put and wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving. We are celebrating alone together since our parents are gone and family spread out all over, but , being together is enough.

  13. Excellent post, Susan, and very timely. Family should be treasured as much as possible. Happy Thanksgiving to you, David, and Bentley!



  14. Sad but so true, hello Susan. I too have seen such ugly things on facebook even had a long time deiend and her driend jump all over me because I was voting for trump.. I did not vote I never have in my life due to ex religion issues.. It is horribly sad. I don't have much family left either but I do have my five children and 14 grandchildren they all keep me company though I'm husbandless. Is that a word no bit any how lol. Folks just lost their minds.. But not me hehehe... Wishing you a most Wonderful Thanksgiving with love Janice

  15. Well said...and thank you for being a blogger who has not "taken sides" and made nasty, snarky comments about "the other candidate", and the people who voted for that person.

    The bloggers (I assume) make some kind of compensation for the advertising always included when we open a blog. Sometimes it takes minutes for the entire blog to open, but, being an avid blog reader of home decor, photography etc., I have enjoyed these blogs as my morning"newspaper" along with my coffee, and endured the annoying ads and videos populating, before I start my day. Since seeing these bloggers making such comments (about those of us who read and patronize their blogs/products should they have a shop), it has changed my opinion of who they are, and really saddens me.

    I understand it is a free country with the privilege of freedom of speech, however, it should be taken into consideration; know your audience before throwing stones! SO, THANK YOU for not joining in that fray and being kind and gentle:-) Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!

  16. and that is what Thanksgiving should be all about. Thank you for sharing.

  17. The election is over and so should be the discussions. Period. We all must look to the future or we won't have one. I like what you said, but think you didn't go far enough. If people want to change things start first in your own community by volunteering and creating an atmosphere of togetherness.


  18. I agree this was the most horrible election year ever..Then with all the mudslinging the candidates did at each other and the public example they set.. Its not shocking we live in a nation full of anger, bullying and immaturity.

    My daughter even had some of her former classmates say if you voted for "such and Such" unfriend me. She came to me a bit distraught cause she couldnt understand why they would base their friendships on such a thing as who did or didnt win the election.

    She responded in a mature manner to this friend" just because I voted for someone you may or may not like is no means to not be friends, I still want to be friends with you.

    Maturity means, laying aside any differences and coming together with a common ground.. Its just sad to see this world go in such a opposite direction than the LOVE CHRIST Preached.

  19. Well said! In my family we love each other too much to let politics get in the way. This has been a horrible time in our Country. I hope that the divide that separates all of us can be fixed. Divided our country may fail. I guess we will just wait to see if our new President can manage to put us back together again.

  20. Susan, I have a very close friend whose political views are the complete opposite of mine. Sandy and I have been friends for nearly 50 years. We have never once let politics or an election come before our friendship. We have even joked that my vote negated hers and visa versa. As a family we do not talk politics at Holiday functions. We often comment to our facebook friends that our friendship is more important than any election and always will be. Jill


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