Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Daisy Gardenias

I stopped by a favorite nursery on Saturday and found two 
Daisy Gardenia bushes.  I have placed them in the large planter
boxes on either side of the garden steps leading up to the French
doors of the guest bedroom.  This area is just off the patio and is
reached by a flagstone path.  

The blossoms are a bit smaller than on a standard Gardenia bush,
 and they turn to a pale yellow as they start to fade.  My are they
fragrant!  The entire patio is blessed by their perfume.

Look at their sweet faces.  They tolerate partial shade which is just perfect
for this area.  They bloom from mid May through July.  

My Impatiens are doing well so far.  I have to watch them carefully
because the snails love them.  A woman at the nursery told me to 
sprinkle salt around the plants and the snails will not bother them.  I 
hope this technique works.  I don't like to use snail bait because it
is deadly for the birds.

Speaking of birds, I am trying to attract more hummingbirds to the
garden, so I planted this trailing Vinca.

The weather here is crazy today.  Lots of wind blowing moisture up
from the Gulf of Mexico which is predicted to create havoc when it
meets with the cold front that is working its way down to west Texas
from Colorado and New Mexico.  Hope we can avoid it!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Very pretty flowers and I love that little blue doggie!! so cute! I am also trying to attract the hummingbirds back...they didn't come last summer. I put out feeders yesterday, I make their sugar food. What do you do?

  2. Your flowers are looking great, but like others I love that little blue doggie!! Birds are busy at my feeders this year but my flowers aren't doing as well.

  3. Lucky you to live in a sone where the daisy gardenias don't have to be overwintered indoors! Anything that has to be dug up and relocated for the winter stays out of my yard. I'm just not that big of a gardener! 😄 The winters here can be brutal!

  4. Beautiful, Susan. I have never seen daisy gardenias and I bet they are not hardy enough for this area. Salt works- I have used it for years...they ooze away....yuck....lol They can really wreck your plants, can't they? xo Diana

  5. Very beautiful, Susan. I saw your post on Facebook today and wanted to comment, but decided I would comment on your blog. I know Mother's Day is hard for you, and it is hard for many of us. Even though I have children I still dread Mother's day. It brings back the emotions of not having my own mother. She died when I was a little girl. I have mourned her death my whole life. Though I rejoice in motherhood, I also shed tears. For all the girls and women who shed tears on this day, I say, we should rejoice in our feminine gifts. We are naturally nurturing. We have the gentleness of angels. And the ability to comfort, to heal, and to love. We are daughters, we are friends. And for many we are a wife, a companion, a help mate. So, Susan rejoice and celebrate your womanhood. You are divinely blessed.

  6. Such beautiful flowers, Susan...and I too love that little blue dog!
    Helen xox

  7. Beautiful! I hadn't heard about the salt. I will try that. My impatiens are flourishing, but I need to snip them before they get too leggy. I may have waited too long on one pot.
    Enjoy the weekend.


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