Monday, May 8, 2017

My Love Affair With The Lamp

I'm not quite sure exactly when my love affair with lamps began, but
I know that it has been a very long and lasting relationship.  Every lamp
I have ever loved has possessed a distinct one of a kind personality.
I have lots and lots of lamps.  David loves to tease me about how
many we have, but I can't seem to help myself when I see one that
I think is unique and adds an extra bit of charm to a room.  

In our family room, den, great room, or whatever you choose to call
it, I have lots of lamps that are designed to give the room the old 
English country house look.  There are lots of corners to grab a book
and curl up by the soft glow of an old lamp.

There are lamps that give warmth to nooks and crannies.

A lamp that shines over the shoulder unto the Wall Street Journal
or a good book, or to complete the crossword puzzle.

A lamp that lights up a table between two easy chairs.

Of course there is a bit of an equestrian theme going on here too.

And here.

And here ....

And here too.  

So that's our room with lamps aglow.  It's cloudy out today, so we
really need the extra light.

Before it begins to rain (always a possibility) I am going to head out
to the garden to pot some flowers to attract and feed the hummingbirds.
Until next time!

Bentley ~ it's your job this afternoon to chase away the squirrels
from the feeder so that the birds can eat too.  I know Bentley will
gladly accept the job.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You have the most marvelous lamps! Thank you for sharing them!!

  2. Your lamp collection is just beautiful!

  3. I share that addiction, Susan. I'm addicted to many different things when it comes to styling our home. I like to use found objects to have interesting lamps created. Love the ones you have shown.

  4. Wow! Your lamps are fabulous! Your home is fabulous, too. I love my lamps and hope my hubby never makes me go to a lamp addiction group, haha!

  5. I do am a bit obsessed with lamps. My downfall are Toleware lamps, and no tell David you can never have enough lamps and in my case ladder back chairs either! My son love to surprise me with new lamps. We went together to a salvage place for a look around. I admired a small lamp, he quickly moved me on to something else.. Then went back the next day to buy me the lamp, so sweet.

  6. Love your lamp collection...just beautiful! Our tastes are similar and I could see any of them in my home. Don't worry, you're too far away for a B&E...ha! My Chihuahuas, Riley and Jacob, have been hot on the heels of the backyard squirrels today. Trouble is, we had a downpour this morning and they are now very dirty. I'm sure Bentley performed his job well.

  7. The first one is my very favorite with its highly traditional styling. I've been looking for one similar to it that is affordable. Nice!

    Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  8. I stand up and proudly say that I am a lamp addict, as well!! I have so many little cozy lamps scattered around my house, and I'd still find room for another if it struck my fancy! They just do so much to cozy up a space and really make it feel truly like home!

  9. I suffer from the same affliction. Never enough plugs!

  10. Susan, I will tell you this---it is a disease and I am afflicted, too. lol I can never turn down a lamp...and even if I don't have the faintest idea where I am going to put it I know that I WILL find a home for it. I have given a few to my daughters but I do have a hard time parting with them.

    Hope you and Bentley have a good time chasing squirrels (well that HE has a good time chasing squirrels- you can cheer him on) xo Diana


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