Monday, May 22, 2017

Sometimes Life Can Be Bittersweet

Recently, David and I were talking about a couple who we knew years ago
before we were married.  We met this couple while sitting around the pool of
our apartment complex.  The four of us instantly hit it off and we started doing
lots of things together.  Their names were Ken and Kathy.

They were a well educated, professional couple who had been living
abroad with Marathon Oil and were now back in the states and living
at this complex full of upwardly mobile and mostly single twenty somethings.
There were barbecues and parties around the pool every weekend and 
Ken and Kathy just fit in and had fun for a time.  

They were married and we were engaged, so our days at the swinging
single apartment complex were numbered as we were all looking to put
down more permanent and stable roots.  They were looking for a house
to buy in the West University area and we were looking there too.  Kathy
found a house first and we spent Saturdays going to tag and garage sales
looking for things to fill up their home.

We still managed to do fun things together as a couple and I have
very fond memories of the time we all rented a condo down in Galveston
for Mardi Gras.  We stood in a huge crowd of people and listened to
Otis Day and the Knights sing the iconic song Shout.

Kathy and I sang our hearts out along with Otis.  It was so much
fun and I will never forget it!

Kathy is the one who helped me find this wonderful hutch that lives
in my breakfast room.  We found it at a garage sale in West University,
and it has been with me at our homes in Virginia and Idaho and now
back in Texas.  Kathy bought a vintage car for Ken and had it restored
as a surprise for him.  When it was finished, we all got dressed up and
drove the car on our way to dinner.   Fun times, great memories.

David accepted a new job in Virginia and after our wedding we took off
for our new life there leaving Ken and Kathy behind in Texas.  We managed
to stay in touch and visited with them the first couple times we came 
back to Houston for a visit.  Then they moved again and we moved to
Idaho and unfortunately, the four of us loss touch.  

A week or so ago, David and I were sitting around talking and the
subject of Ken and Kathy came up.  I was determined to find them and
discovered an address for them in one of the coastal towns on the
Texas Gulf coast.  We found a Facebook page for Ken and so David
sent him a message.

Ken responded, but the news he shared was sad.   He lost Kathy a couple
of years ago.  He lost a wife, and we lost an old friend.  Oh how I wish we
had searched for them sooner.  

I have been thinking of Kathy since I heard the news yesterday.  She was
a sweet, cheerful and fun loving person.  I have such fond memories of
her.  Kathy, if you can hear me now, one more time, this one is for you ...

Till we meet again.  I hope that we can sing to this song
together in Heaven.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Sweet post, Susan. I often think of friends I've lost touch with through the years. It's sad.
    Keep thinking about those good times shared.

    1. Thanks Sarah. I will think of those good times we shared. Knowing Kathy as I did, she would like that.

  2. Oh Susan, it is so hard to loose touch and when you finally reconnect, it's too late. I'm so sorry for your loss, but you do have some great memories. Reminds me not to wait to long to try to reconnect with old friends. Hugs!

    1. David and I were both hoping to meet up with them again. I have had the real pleasure of catching up with some childhood friends lately. Real friends remain friends despite the passage of years. My only wish is that we could have reconnected with Kathy sooner. Don't hesitate ~ call or write an old friend.

  3. Truly bittersweet. I hope you two can meet up with Ken.

  4. I'm so glad you have such good memories to hold close to your heart ❤️. 🙁🙁🙁

  5. That is so sad. I lost touch with a dear friend that helped me transition after a horrible breakup...and saw my marriage and new baby and then we moved again and lost touch. Several years ago I looked her up. She had been secretary to the school board superintendent for many, many years so I started there. When I asked for her there was a long, long pause. Finally, they asked who was calling. I told them who I was and how I knew her. They told me she had passed away almost a year ago-a fast moving cancer took her life. You are so, so right- Keep in touch and look up old friends to tell them how much they mean to you-because we have today but no guarantees on our tomorrows. xo Diana

    1. Oh I am so sorry. That message must have been hard to hear. We just never know, do we.

  6. Truly bittersweet...she sounds like a lovely friend...xoxo


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