Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Need Your Opinion

If you have been reading my blog recently, you know that I have decided
to change the interior of my shed from potting shed decor to a western
theme.  I have been collecting bits and pieces of cowgirl chic and will 
be using some furniture I already own.  After having a couple of 
discussions with my hubby, he is thinking that maybe we should 
take the existing shed down and putting up a new one.  

Now, one would think that I would be jumping up and down to
get a new, bigger and better shed.  However, I am torn.  I am not
sure what I want and now am concerned that this whole process may
take longer than I want.  Unfortunately for me, I am one of those
who wants what I want, when I want it and let's just say that
when an idea pops into my brain, it's full speed ahead.

I purchased five gallons of paint already to paint the interior.  I'm
sure I could use that paint in a new shed, so it won't be a loss.  Currently,
there are no windows in the shed and David has assured me that he can
easily cut some in and install whatever kind I want.  That will be
great.  I have seen some that have front porches.  That would be cute too,
but I am also thinking that the porch will cut down on the interior space.
This shed is currently in it's own space behind our garage and to the side of 
the house.  I don't think the space available will allow me to go too
much bigger, but David thinks we could move it over closer to where 
you see the tree and the ginger on the right.  

So I'm going to show you some sheds and I would like your opinion
on what features y'all feel are best ....

This is really cute, but the front porch is not all that big and I would be
loosing interior space.  Aesthetic wise it is a charmer though.

I went into a shed like this one over at a local vendor.  I like the transom
window because of the appearance and the fact that it will bring in more
light.  When I went inside it did feel a bit larger.

I do like this style.  More windows plus the transom.

The gambrel style roof is nice too because it makes the interior feel
more spacious.

Of course, I could spend some of the money I would spend on a new
shed making some improvements to the existing one.  Windows can
easily be added and maybe installing shiplap in the interior, upgrading
the flooring and adding electric and air conditioning.  I could make 
it very cowgirl posh and be more resourceful.

So let me know what you think.  I'll be anxious to 
hear from y'all!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi darlin'! Oh, I'm excited for you. I love that third shed and know how you could decorate it to pieces - inside and out! Can't wait to see what you decide to do. Wish I had a shed!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I don't know that I'll be much help. I like your existing shed but larger would be nice and #2 or 3 both have nice features. I think the porch might be a bit of a waste. OR as you said you can just redo the shed you have and get extra bells and whistles for it. SEE!! I told you not much help. Can't wait to see whatever way you go!

  3. How fun! I would pick #3

  4. Susan, I think you could take the one you have and tweak it. Perhaps you could add a transom or Dutch doors. What about a sky light for more light inside? Definitely like the idea of AC. '-) You could add windows with window boxes and a porch if you wanted. I do like the barn shape of the last shed, but since you already have one I'd be inclined to use the money to upgrade the one you have.
    PS - Have you seen the cute plastic plates that look like paper plates? Some have the state of TX and others have the cowgirl theme. Breeds here has the cowgirl plates and cups, and I saw the TX ones in Dallas at Sample House. You may need some! ;-)

  5. Ok, I would either do what you want to the existing shed or go with the green one with the cupola. I am a sucker for cupolas! I think I would add a pergola to the front with some seating under it. Vines growing over, etc.
    Love your shed loving,

  6. I would upgrade the current shed.

  7. Hello! I got here falling in love with sheds...and I was thinking...summer is just arrived! You -as I would love it- want it NOW! I can understand that. So, I agree with De! Upgrade, recycle, windows (what about one on the roof?), clear paint, and may be, if a porch is too much...a kind of simple fence ? And you´ll get it in a couple of weeks! Loves from Argentina!

  8. I´m sorry...I didn´t say it clearly: BIG LOVE to Bentley!

  9. If my husband were as handy as yours apparently is, I'd upgrade the existing one! Love the ideas suggested above of a Dutch door, windows with window boxes (and cute shutters, maybe with a star cutout to continue the Texas cowgirl theme). Have fun!

  10. How funny, before we were married (50) years ago my daddy told my guy--You know when Annie wants it she wants it now!!! He's grown to love that phrase so I completely know the feeling. I think if you upgrade the shed you have you could make it COWGIRL HEAVEN. I'm thinking Magnolia Store would give some great ideas.

  11. You and I share that gene that makes us want what we want when we want it, so I feel the pickle you're in. A new, bigger shed would be great, but newer and bigger isn't always necessarily better. If like you say windows, air conditioning, and electricity can all be fairly easily installed in the existing structure, go for it! If the current shed would be structurally compromised by those additions, then a new one is definitely in the cards. Either way, HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! I wish our HOA allowed potting sheds. I would love one with a side porch and windows and French doors!!!

  12. I'm agreeing with most other commenters. I think, if it was me, I'd keep the existing shed and make upgrades. I like all the pictures you showed, but yours is just as cute.

  13. I'm jumping on the repurpose bandwagon and spend the money on all those clever ideas you have, transoms, add a porch, etc. IF the existing structure isn't falling down, doesn't have rot or all those good things that come with age, humidity and little critters. Whatever your decision, it's exciting to fix up a new space. Good luck.

  14. I vote for a new shed. Even though it will take longer to realize your dream, you will be so glad you waited. I also like immediate gratification, but in the long run you will like the new one better, and in the meantime you can shop thrift stores and garage sales and add to your collection of western decor. I also like the first shed, it is very rustic and would look good with a western decor or even cottage if you decide eventually to switch back.

  15. I vote for fixing up the shed you have... anybody can go buy one... it takes someone who can think outside the box and use his/her creativity to bring one up to speed. Go for it with the shed you have as a base.

  16. I vote for a "bird in the hand" and keep what you have and upgrade to your hearts content!

  17. Just a thought.....what if you turned the shed sideways? It would give you more room to add that porch. I'm like you, I tend to want the construction part done immediately so I can get to the painting and decorating part. What ever you decide I'm sure it will be pleasing to the eye. Can't wait to see your finished shed.

  18. So my suggestion for me you upgrade, recycle, windows and roof, clear paint, and may be, if a porch is too much...a kind of simple tree cottage but unique .. Can't wait to see your finished shed.

  19. Whatever your decision, it's exciting to fix up a new space. All of them is so beautiful .Can't wait to see whatever way you go.

  20. WOW! beautiful house , but all of them i want the 3rd house because the design and color is cute and passion and the view good with a western decor or even cottage if you decide eventually to switch back. ..

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