Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Adorable Pup All Grown Up

Do you remember the adorable little lost puppy that Bentley and I found
on one of our nightly walks last fall?  The poor little guy was hiding behind 
a bush in a neighbor's side yard.  He was scared and lonely and 
came running out and clung to my leg for protection.

We took him home.  Bentley wasn't too thrilled about it, but the
dear little guy needed the safety of a home and some food in his little
belly until we could find his owners.

I named him Andrew.

Of course, Andrew stole my heart.  We learned he had not been micro-chipped
and we asked around the neighborhood and no one knew anything about
him.  Trust me, I wanted to keep him, but I knew it would not be fair to
Bentley who is an old dog now.  I didn't want Bentley to think he was being
replaced by some cute young pup.  The answer was to find this little guy
a new loving family.

Look at this face!  Honestly, how could you not fall head over heels for him???

With the help of my friend and neighbor, a potential family was found.  They
came over to meet the little guy and they were just as smitten as I was.
Karen and Jacob are dog lovers and received a good review from friends.
It was time for me to say my goodbyes and send little Andrew off to his 
forever home.  

Tears, tears, tears :-(  I had to be brave and kept telling myself it was the
best solution.  

Andrew's name was changed to Chewie (Chewbacca) after the Star Wars
character.  And here he is now, all grown up ....

 He is happy in his forever home with his loving family.
That family is about to get bigger any minute now because Karen and
Jacob will soon be first time parents of a little girl.  

Don't you just love happy endings?  I sure do!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan and Bentley! I hope you remember me? I was missing in action for over a year but have resolved most issues and hope I will be posting more often this year! And yes I love a happy ending too, and what a gorgeous puppy he was and now all grown up and still a sweetheart. Where I live in upstate New York it is mostly cats that are abandoned and I have 12 at last count that I love and care for. It is so wonderful that you and Bentley found such a perfect home for Chewie! tTake care and give that adorable Bentley a hug from me! Tina xo

    1. Hi Tina, so glad you are back! There are lots of feral cats in our neighborhood. Fortunately we have many kind hearted neighbors who make sure they are fed. You are a kind soul and your cats are lucky to have you. Stay in touch friend!

  2. Chewie is beautiful looks like a catahula , my daughter adopted one in NH from a Texas shelter. They seem stop be a favorite breed in the South. I hesitated bring another cat into the house because my cat was eight and felt it wouldn't be fair to her. I was wrong, she has more "kitten" moments now that she has someone to annoy! She does annnoy him too her favorite thing to do is when he is leaving the room she bites his back legs. He is such a gentleman he just gives her a "what " look!

  3. Love that he has his forever home! Sweet story!

  4. He is so cute! So glad he found his forever home!


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