Friday, September 22, 2017

Back in Sweet Home Chicago

I just returned to Texas after a trip to my childhood home north of 
Chicago.  My earliest years were spent in an idyllic village on the 
North Shore.  I never imagined or wanted to live anywhere else,
yet I did leave and I did live in other cities and in other countries.
No matter how far I roamed, nor how great the sights I saw, in
my heart the North Shore of Chicago would always be home.

Last Saturday morning, I arrived in Austin and took a jet to fly
home once more.  I was so excited.  Not only would I be
once again be treading on much loved ground, but I would
also be seeing old and dear friends once more.  

When I arrived at my gate, I soon saw the sign for the Chicago Cubs.
I had tears in my eyes.  Home sweet home once again.  All was now
right with the world.

There is something you must know about me.  I am an extremely
sentimental person.  I inherited that characteristic from my Daddy.
Home means everything to me, and my childhood home means the
most of all.  

After I picked up my luggage and entered my taxi, my world was
full of sights and sounds from my past.  I talked the driver's ear off
explaining how I was going home once again and in a short time I
would be seeing friends who for years, only lived in my memory.
I could hardly contain my excitement.  In a few hours I would be
attending a party with so many people from my past.

The first person I saw was my best friend from my teens.  Chris and I
shared every secret.  We applauded one another's triumphs and eased
each other over the bumpy road of adolescence.  Although we have
been in touch over the years, we have not actually seen one another for many,
many years.  Suddenly, we spotted one another and the distance and the
days just melted away.  

We chatted with others and shared long ago memories.  It was such
fun to reconnect with the past and to know that others held that same
past as dear as I did.  It was a great party!

On Sunday, Chris drove me to Lake Forest, where later that day I would be
checking into the Deerpath Inn.  More about the inn later.  It was Chris' birthday
and we celebrated at a charming restaurant where we talked for hours both
during and following lunch.  It was as though the years in between just vanished,
and we were the same young girls once again.  A truly memorable afternoon.

Chris drove me over to the inn.  My room number was 306, the Wallington room.  
All of the rooms have names and every inch of the inn is as British as it can be.

The beverage bar in the entry.

The spacious and cozy room.

The walk-in marble shower.

That evening, my cousins drove up from the city to have dinner with me.
We chatted and laughed for several hours.  So great to see them once again.
I had a very full couple of days, but there was more to come because my
college roommate would be arriving from Michigan the next morning.
I have no idea how I slept that night, but I did ....

and I had lots of happy dreams!  More tomorrow.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. No place like home! Enjoyed this post so much!

  2. Glad you’re back home safe and sound, but equally glad you had such a great time in the Windy City area!!! There truly is nothing quite like returning to “the scene of the crime” that represents those days of our youth! That hotel was really the cat’s pajamas!!! Even the HEADBOARDS were very British in their appearance! Very different from what one usually sees in a hotel, for sure! I would have never wanted to leave the room!!! Rest up, and sweet dreams!

  3. That walk-in is the shower of my dreams. Glad you're back here in Texas safe and sound.

  4. What a gorgeous place. I want to go back and visit the town where I grew up, but my childhood home burned down a few years ago and I haven't been able to bring myself to go and see where it once was. xo Laura

  5. I worked in Kenosha for two years and really enjoyed my time on the Lake Michigan shore. I visited Lake Forest and loved being able to visit Chicago easily. I am going home next month -we still have our childhood home in the family. Home is home no matter how far you go.


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