Monday, September 25, 2017

Let the Fall Decor Begin!

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday at home with Bentley while David was
out on the golf course.  Although the weather here in Texas does little to
recognize that Fall has arrived, I am ready for the season to begin.
I started with my breakfast room table and changed out the centerpiece.  
I found this apple cider tin at Hobby Lobby.  I am holding back on lots
of decorations this year because although I love adding the touches, I
really hate putting everything away.  Is this just me, or do you feel that
way too?

When I was in Lake Forest last weekend, I was so impressed with all
the pumpkins and gourds and natural touches of fall.  We don't see 
much of that here, or at least not here in Victoria.  As much as I love
Texas, there are times when I wish I was back home again.  That is 
especially true at this time of the year.  I suppose that I will just have to
start racking up my frequent flier miles so that I can get home more often.

For me, the best way to create a feeling of Fall in my home is to 
start in the kitchen.  A scented Fall candle, this one is cinnamon/apple,
and a cup of Constant Comment tea sets the mood for me.  Oh, and music too.
I have the sound track from the movie Little Women, the version produced
in the 1990's.  Every time I put that CD on to play, I immediately think
of apple picking, and brightly colored leaves, and cozy sweaters.

This is what I have for right now.  I think I will decorate the front
porch and maybe the back porch too.   We'll see how it goes ~ perhaps
I will be able to stick to a more minimalistic approach this year ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. What you have looks very fallish. I gave up decorating for the various seasons long ago. Too much work at my age and no one but me.

    1. It is a lot of work. I don't blame you for giving it up.

  2. So cute!!! It's so much fun to bring out the apples and pumpkins!

  3. I always have grand plans but end up in the minimalist category by most people's standards. Just a little can be beautiful though. Love your apples and beautiful colors. :)

  4. Even with all my back problems, I still manage to put out way more than I probably should for fall. It's just my very favorite time of year, and I can't help myself! I probably won't have anything on the front porch for another few days when the weather is predicted to turn more fall-like (right now it's still in the upper 80s), but I've been slowly transforming the inside for several weeks now. (Not that it's that much decor. It just takes me longer with my broken down body! Plus, I keep changing my mind!) I love the touches you have around your kitchen and totally agree that a fall scented candle is a great way to get the mood in full swing! I don't have the "Little Women" CD, but I do have the movie on DVD. I LOVE that movie and watch it every Christmas!!! I'll have to check out the music on iTunes to see which selections I'd like to add to my collection. I never paid that much attention to the music because I was always to enthralled with everything else going on in the movie...and how cute Laurie (Christian Bale) and John Brooke (Eric Stoltz...just love me some redheads!) are!

    1. Hi Alycia! You will have to watch your Little Women cd early, just to listen to the music this time. I think you will love it!

  5. Replies
    1. I will be sharing more. I had plans to keep it to a minimum, but I can telling I am caving already ;-)

  6. I know exactly how you feel. When I was alot younger, in my late 20's we moved down to San Antonio for my husband's work. I was so homesick for the Midwest and the Fall and Winter seasons. we lasted 3 years, I was miserable.

    1. I have been missing Lake Forest since I returned home. I will have to go back again soon because one of my dearest friends lives there and my cousins too.

  7. It looks so good! I love to listen to Louis Armstrong this time of year.. really sets the ambiance for me.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I love Louis Armstrong any time of the year and have several of his CD's!!

  8. I have gnarly, green, blue pumpkins as well as pure white ones with pots of chrysanthemums going up and down my front steps. I love it and I had put out autumn decorations by the beginning of September. I LOVE Autumn.


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