Friday, September 15, 2017

Fall Fashion Friday!

Just like I love to decorate, I love to put outfits together.  Working as an
interior designer, clients expect you to be pulled together and fashionable.
Although I am not working with clients anymore, I still love to plan
outfits and enjoy hunting for just the right accessories to pull an
outfit together.

Here is a classic outfit for the last weekend of summer 2017.  A striped
French sailor shirt is so classic.  I have owned this one for years and
never tire of it.  It works equally well with white shorts, or white capris,
or jeans.

I have paired it with simple pearl earrings, and an anchor bracelet from
Kiel James Patrick.  I love that it has a charm with my monogram!  I
also am showing my aviator glasses from Ray Ban.  I am very petite and
these particular aviators are for smaller faces, so I don't look swamped
by my shades ;-)

Navy Chuck Taylors from Converse.  I love these shoes, comfortable
and they never go out of style.  I tend to only buy pieces that are classic
and then wear them forever.  That way, all you need is maybe a new
accessory or two, and you can still look trendy without having to buy
everything new each season.  In future posts, I will be sharing items from
my closet that are really old, but still lovable.

Let's jump right into fall styling!  I love the color of this sweater.  It
is new from J Crew.  It is a classic throwback roll neck sweater from the
1980's.  I love this bright color too ~ it's called Saffron.  I am pairing it
with some plaid leggings I purchased last winter,  and some Tory Burch
leopard print ballet flats.  I know I will live in these flats both through
the fall and winter.

I have added a chunky "gold" necklace, bracelet and earrings for some
extra punch.  My tortoise shades add more dimension to this look

I love these flats so much, I could marry them!

Here is a date night look.  Spaghetti strap simple black top.  I plan to
wear it with black skinny jeans.  That purse is a classic and I have owned
it for over twenty years.  

I purchased this statement necklace from an eBay vendor.  Great way
to get lower prices on accessories.

Strappy black heels complete this look

I love what I refer to as multi tasking clothes.  This top and these
leggings are from Lilly Pulitzer's  "Luxetic" line.  They are made from
fibers that have SPF 50 protection.  The long sleeve top is warmer for 
South Texas fall days, and still protects me from the sun.  I can wear this
for long walks, or while running errands.  While I do love traditional 
fall colors, I still love my pinks and wear them often too.  Our fall 
weather is never very cold here, so it often still feels like summer all
the way through October.  

This starfish choker is from Lilly too.  After all, this is the South Texas
Gulf coast!

I sure have put some mileage on these sneakers!  I strive to get 10,000
steps or more per day.  It's one way I can keep fitting into my clothes
year after year.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at some of the outfits I will
be wearing this weekend and beyond.  Have a wonderful weekend 

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You do a beautiful job of putting pieces together for a great look!

  2. What a fun post. I love putting pieces together and I, too, stick pretty much to classics with a pop of something fun here and there. I am NOT petite....tall...and so what looks cute on you would look clownish on me. lol I don't do a lot of pattern/colors except for some summer pieces. I wear a lot of black/green/tans. The kids swear I never wear anything EXCEPT black and green...but they are wrong! Your accessories are all great, too. I don't wear much jewelry at all anymore...but love to see it on others.
    Have a great weekend and I hope your part of Texas is finding its way back to normal. xo Diana

  3. Love all your looks! Especially the leggings and top! Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Every outfit is lovely, you have such a good sense of color and different combinations.

  5. Howdy Susan, I loved this fun post! Love all the outfits and especially that chunky pearl necklace!

  6. I like seeing your outfits! Great idea!


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